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Smarketo is a done-for-you solution for marketing an online business, featuring over 200 tried and tested templates.

Smarketo Review

Anyone who has tried to start their own business knows that there’s more to doing business in the modern age than being a good businessman. You might have the best products and services, you’ve put together the perfect pitch, but you’re not getting any sales because no one knows you exist. There are many “done for you” solutions for marketing, but none of them go as in-depth as Smarketo.

What is Smarketo?

Smarketo is the ultimate done-for-you solution for marketing an online business. It features over 200 tried and tested templates and is capable of things such as SEO and email marketing. It lets you focus on improving your products and services while it takes care of the other important stuff. The best thing is that it couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a simple three step process that leaves you with the best marketing around.

Smarketo Features

  • Over 200 templates for landing pages, opt-in forms, and emails
  • The ability to send unlimited emails directly for more clicks and conversions
  • A complete cloud-based solution with everything managed through a single dashboard
  • Create unlimited pages, forms, emails, sales boosters, and emails without restrictions
  • No need to worry about blocking or compliance
  • Over 100 integrations to connect the system with your favorite marketing platform
  • Boost sales with the world’s most advanced sales booster
  • Behavior automation tools to boost profits on Shopify, WordPress, and other sites
  • Super simple and fast to use with no need for domain or hosting registration
  • All campaigns through Smarketo are 100% mobile friendly
  • Completely compliant with GDPR
  • Smart analytics provide deep insight into how campaigns are performing
  • A commercial license to use Smarketo to make money from clients

The Smarketo Process

  1. Choose a Template or Make your Own – There are over 200 professionally designed templates that have been proven to convert visitors. Each one was made with rigorous testing and they have been tailored to work better than most traditional sales funnels. Of course, you are welcome to use your own template and start from scratch if you want.
  2. Make any Necessary Edits – The system comes ready-made with a real-time editing dashboard that lets you make adjustments to a campaign so it suits your needs. Connect with subscribers and make sales with unlimited emails with the help of the artificial intelligence system that puts the right message in front of the right person at the right time. The AI uses their location, behavior, and the links they’ve clicked – among other information – to determine what messages to send, and when.
  3. Deployment – The only thing left to do now is deploy your sales page and watch it go to work. They bring in the traffic and use the sales booster suite to convert them into sales.

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