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Shoulder Flexibility Solution offers a synergistic approach that affects parts of your body, in the form of a 3D Flexibility System.

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Shoulder Flexibility Solution Overview

For most people it is hard to pinpoint which system in your body affects other parts of your body, and its optimal functioning. This results in a lot of treacherous meandering borne out of intuition that can only exacerbate the problem.

If you find yourself with having:

  1. Bad, slouchy posture
  2. Inability to touch your hands behind your back
  3. Forward head
  4. Difficulty reaching overhead and doing overhead exercises
  5. Rotator cuff issues
  6. Neck pain and tightness
  7. Nerve impingements
  8. Rounded shoulders
  9. Excessively curved thoracic spine
  10. Depressed rib cage or sunken chest
  11. Inability to reach your arms overhead without pain

…then the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is the right program for you. Developed by Eric Wong, a strength and conditioning coach to professional athletes, including 3 UFC fighters and 2 national team boxers. Not to mention thousands of customers he got through his online programs he started in 2008.

When people consider resolving the issue of shoulder tightness, the first thing that comes to mind is – static stretching. However, static stretching only serves to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause, and may in fact cause more harm than good for the following major reasons:

  • It doesn’t improve dynamic movement.
  • It doesn’t improve range of motions.
  • Lack of strength and coordinated muscle activation that stabilizes your joints, can lead to ligament and muscle tears.
  • It can decrease strength and power for up to 24 hours, if you aim for performance you definitely do not want this to happen.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution offers a synergistic approach that affects all the systems of your body that need to be affected, in the form of a 3D Flexibility System.

3D Flexibility System is divided in the following modules:

  • JOINT STABILIZER – without it, your body automatically tightens up joints in order to prevent damage.
  • CORE – This is the main obstacle for most people, as they do not have developed abdominal and deep back muscles. This leads to imbalance of surrounding muscles groups which try to compensate.
  • PRIME MOVER – These are critical in performing range of motions.
  • CONTROL – The capacity to consciously feel and exert control over your muscles is key in developing strength and flexibility.
  • REFLEXES – If you want to improve your flexibility you must take into account myotatic stretch reflex and reciprocal inhibition.
  • PAIN TOLERANCE – Although pain warns you of impeding injury, a certain level of pain endurance is necessary if you want to gain flexibility, just as is the case with gaining strength.
  • MUSCLE – You will learn how to stretch all the components of all muscle groups.
  • FASCIA – As a connective tissue between muscles, it can suffer adhesions and scar tissue, which must be removed in order to achieve maximum flexibility.
  • JOINT CAPSULE – 47% of your flexibility relies upon the joint capsule.

Once you finish the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program, you will find it easy to do movements with which you previously battled with. And you will become much more apt at any sport that requires a wide range of motions; like tennis, golf, martial arts…It’s almost as if you’ll be getting a new body.

The full program consists of the following items, all mobile friendly:

  • The Behind The Back Routine
  • The Forward Head Posture Routine
  • The Overhead Routine
  • The Rounded Shoulders Routine
  • The Winged Scapula Routine
  • The Pre-Workout Shoulder Prep
  • Master Manual
  • Implementation Guide
  • Program Cheatsheets
  • The Shoulder REGEN Routine
  • The Rotator Cuff Hardening Routine

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