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Sexual Trigger Words enables you to get women to chase you, hooking up with younger women, all based on the scientific understanding of human sexual arousal.

Sexual Trigger Words Review

Do you want to not only evict yourself from friendzone but convince her that it was her idea to start dating you?

Are you an older guy who wants to hook up with younger women?

Do you want to learn about the “sex tonight” trick?

Do you want to know how to bypass that part of the woman’s brain that tells her you are not attractive enough?

Do you want to learn a simple body language technique that makes women not only notice you, but become drawn to you and approach you?

You want to know how to get women to chase you?

Sexual Trigger Words deals with these problems and more, all based on the scientific understanding of human sexual arousal, specifically, Scientists at Concordia University were studying the sexual arousal in women, stating that:

“Lust causes the ventral striatum the part of the brain associated with emotion and motivation – to light up.”

And by triggering this one of a kind sex switch:

“…activates the dorsal striatum, which impacts decision-making and is associated with drug addiction”

As you might have guessed, this program was specifically designed to take advantage of this scientific finding, in order for any man to predictably flip on the woman’s sex switch.

With STW you can slip past women’s defenses with innocent words to turn them on instantly. You have to get past these defenses if you don’t women to become suspicious of you “trying something on them”, which is a sure way to get promptly rejected.

This is going on at a subconscious level, their instincts telling them that you are not the man to be trusted, and it even happens in relationships, if you are pushing for sex without first switching that sex switch in her.

What’s even worse is that when this no-sex mode is triggered, anything you try may only make things worse, not only at that moment but in the future as well.

This program is also well suited to be used in textual form on various dating and social media sites like Facebook, OkCupid, Tinder…

To round the program up and maximize your odds, you will additionally receive these free bonuses:

  • The Automatic Primal Attraction Technique – Reprogram the image of yourself as an alpha male, by gaining confidence and letting everyone know that you have what it takes, just through sheer presence of your body language.
  • Escape The Friend Zone Now – How to hook up with that elusive girl you always wanted but were never able to get.
  • Text Message Turn-ons – In today’s busy online culture it is imperative that you have the skill of effective texting to get women out on a date.
  • Your Ex Back in 3 Steps Guaranteed – Learn how to use a potent psychological trick to get your ex back.
  • Instant Online Attraction – 7 copy & paste techniques to make women email you to ask you out.
  • Foods That Turn Her On – Certain foods have special ingredients that influence hormonal regulation and pleasure centers in the brain, use them to your benefit.
  • Movies That Inspire Love – Have her picture a romantic relationship with the person sitting next to her.
  • Laugh Your Way Into Her Bedroom – Humor is appreciated by everyone, even if you think you are not funny and can’t be this will change your mind and make her giggle like a child.
  • My Foolproof Tested Orgasm Technique – Get to know a 4-step sexual trick that will make any woman addicted to you, as you give her pleasure she has never experienced before.
  • Get A Girlfriend Now – Turn an apathetic woman into your loyal girlfriend!

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