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Sexual Decoder System teaches you to detect a simple 5-word phrase women will say when they are desperate for sex, scanning for the easy sex.

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Sexual Decoder System Review

In our present western societies ridden with feminist privilege wedded to the power of the state, the way woman and men interrelate has become quite toxic. A great deal of falsehoods has been perpetrated on both men and women, falsehoods that debilitate one from acquiring happiness.

If you see yourself in this, and can’t even begin to imagine how to acquire a prolific sex life, Sexual Decoder System (SDS) by Craig Miller offers a spectrum of practical, actionable solutions for almost every situation you find yourself in.

In order to achieve that, Sexual Decoder System ( deals with eliminating the consequences (mind blocks) of 3 big lies men have been told since puberty:

  1. Women don’t desire casual sex as much as men do. Studies have shown time and time again that this is false, the only difference is that women crave sex for different reasons than men, which is why they give confusing signals. If you learn to decode them, you will have as much casual hookups as you want.
  2. Women never make the first move. Again, if you know what to look for, you will see them making first moves every single time. This eliminates embarrassing situations where you are rejected, as you will now approach and initiate only those women who are giving you the heads up.
  3. There is only a limited pool of women for men, so you have to patiently wait for this lucky confluence to occur. This insufferable waiting and longing only happens if you are clueless as to what women want and how they behave when they want something.

With Sexual Decoder System you will learn to detect a simple 5-word phrase women will say when they are desperate for sex; in other words, decode her signals.

You will discover a 14 code red “fuck me now” words women use when they are in a more conservative or professional environment.

If you are cruising the bars you will need to know about the 5 late night “hookup signs” women give out when looking for quick sex.

Learn how to use a 3-step “decoder” checklist to promptly scan the room and realize which women in the room are most susceptible to easy sex. This will also tell you the extent to which a girl is adventurous in the bed.

If you are the shy and silent type, not much for social exploits, Sexual Decoder System also has the solution tailor-made for you. You will learn the “silent codes” that attract women without you barely opening you mouth.

Additionally, you will learn how to use Craig Miller’s SDS on dating sites, and how to construct text messages word-for-word to ensure your success, applicable for many nationalities and cultures.

If you are an older guy, Craig Miller’s Sexual Decoder System is also highly adaptable in getting women you thought were out of your league.

For the more adventurous types there is the “Office Fucking Formula” that will show you how to use Sexual Decoder System discretely to have sex with your hot co-workers, along with necessary steps to avoid getting in trouble, legal or otherwise.

When your efforts bear fruit you will also want to know the list of “top secret sex locations” if you, or she, absolutely can’t wait before you get home, or if you are traveling.

This is just a tiny taste of the full Sexual Decoder System, for which you will get a full refund from Craig Miller if you are not satisfied within two months.

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