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Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0 leverages natural arousal to create an “out of her league” effect in her mind, based on 3 years of study into female psychology.

Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0 Review

You must have asked yourself this question a hundred times – can average looking guys, with modest means, hook up with attractive girls, the girls “way above your league”?

Chris was one such guy, always feeling like a loser in the romantic department, but after a couple of horridly embarrassing experiences he had it enough, and that’s when he began his quest for a solution to the problem of – what makes females attracted to males?

At first he wasted a lot of time with self-designated pickup artists, or PUAs, who were just in it to make a buck. Their cheap tricks were ineffective to say the least, and downright embarrassing at worst.

Finally, Chris decided to employ the scientific method and began to read articles from the Journal of Applied Psychology on what causes attraction in a human female. A lot of the material was overly complicated, or inapplicable or just plain creepy, but eventually a revelation hit him when he came across a psychological concept called “Congruence”.

After thoroughly analyzing this concept he came up with a technique to test it on several women in the local coffee shop. First few tries were unsuccessful but the third one, a very attractive 20 year old, had fallen smitten.

Perfecting his techniques further he devised a system called the “Natural Arousal Blueprint”, which enabled him to sleep with 76 women in a few years, including numerous 9s and 10s.

Here is an example of how this system works:

Did you know that disagreeing with a woman, within the first 60 seconds of meeting her, will instantly arouse her and make her categorize you as a potential sex option?

Just listen to the first thing she says that you disagree or disapprove of and let her know.

This tactic of honesty will dislodge her out of her feminine autopilot and she will try to prove herself to you, and chasing your approval.

Another counter-intuitive example:

Trying to be confident when you talk to a woman is a covert sign of insecurity. One of the most arousing techniques is telling a woman exactly how you feel, because women are evolved to sense the true state of mood of their potential mating partners.

The crux of it is that women are attracted to a guy who she thinks is “out of her league”, and guys who are out of her league never try to impress with looks, money or muscles.

Chris discovered a consistent, clandestine, way to trigger the “out of her league” feeling in a girl’s mind. Once this is triggered her unconscious mind will compel her to go after you.

This state of mind makes her believe that you are sleeping with other girls as, or more attractive than her. That you are looked upon and respected by your peers and colleagues.

When this state occurs, the only thing you have to do is create an opportunity to let her have sex with you.

The Natural Arousal technique is specifically designed to create the “out of her league” effect.

There are many other ways how to achieve this powerful effect, but if you want the full package and guarantee your success in order to consistently and skillfully create and, most importantly, maintain the “out of her league” effect, then you will want the step-by-step Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0 system, a result of 3 years and 8 months of dedicated research into female psychology, attraction and arousal.

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  1. Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0
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    Thank you!

  2. Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0
    4 out of 5

    I’m not sure how to rate this Sexual Arousal Blueprint. How would you turn down overly obsessed younger girl who keeps sending nudes and wanting to be in a relationship after having an one-night stand?

  3. Sexual Arousal Blueprint 2.0
    5 out of 5

    I LOVE the feeling when a girl stares at me with those eyes during sex, and says ‘what can i do to please you?’ with sincerity and intensity.

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