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Sexual Activation Blueprint is designed to make lives better, to bypass societally accrued bullshit, and delve right into the heart of the matter.

Sexual Activation Blueprint Review

Have you ever wondered how come Google, Amazon, Facebook…know what you want to buy, and even when?

Corporations have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create sophisticated systems and algorithms to discern people’s needs and predict their behaviors.

John McGirk, a software engineer, was a part of one such endeavor, but more specifically focused on women. Through an algorithm called Predictive Behavioral Modeling, he and his team were able to determine what a woman wants, what will sexually arouse her, and even what will make her obsess over potential sexual partners.

Sexual Activation Blueprint relies on a psychology-based, scientifically proven algorithm that targets a “switch” in a woman’s mind that triggers her primal sexual instinct, until she reaches the so called “Attraction Peak”, at which point one can become the focal point of her sexual desire.

It adapts to your personality, so you won’t have to go to gym to transform your body, learn NLP tricks, pick-up artist techniques…all you have to do is be yourself.

For instance, when you meet a girl you can ask her 3 simple “Activation Questions”, no more than 4 words per question, yet they are potent enough to establish a deep emotional connection with you in her mind.

Beyond words, you can find about 3 “Sexual Activation Points” on her body, a simple, innocent touch in these areas will ignite her sexual attraction towards you.

Most of these techniques are counter-intuitive, which is why you won’t find them being used:

  • 3 Sex Acceleration topics that will turn off woman’s logic centers, and spark her sexual interest.
  • 2 Secret Times Of The Month that woman’s hormonal imbalance makes her desperate for any physical interaction, let alone sexual.
  • 3 Instant Elimination triggers that shutdown woman’s interest in you.
  • Friend Reprogramming technique to gradually make your female friends want to engage in sexual adventure with you.
  • 3-step Sex Activation Sequence, use text messages to program her to become obsessed with your sexual needs.
  • 3 Sex Hacks to bolster her sexual hunger the moment she walks through your door.
  • 3 Stealth Questions that will open her up to you, telling you everything you want to know about her; critical things that you need to know – if she is a cheater or a gold digger, drama queen or high maintenance, mentally stable…

This is just a small snippet of what you can do with Sexual Activation Blueprint technology, a technology designed to make lives better, to bypass societally accrued bullshit, and delve right into the heart of the matter – what makes one tick and how to use this knowledge for your own benefit.

It is written and structured in such a way that even a kid can use it, and even if you think you suffer from social anxiety and similar self-enforced states of mind. With time you will become adept enough to the point of becoming a confident, sexually conquering alpha man.

The time to make it happen is definitely less than 2 months, which is the line up to which you can request a full refund, there will be no questions asked.

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