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Secret Survey contains 8 lessons in textual, video and audio form about what really goes on in men’s minds, every mystery on what makes men tick.

Secret Survey by Michael Fiore Review

How do you dig up what men really think about women and various aspects of a relationship?

You ask them anonymously!

That’s exactly what Michael Fiore did, a well-known relationship expert who has been on Rachel Ray show, Mancow radio, Fox TV, and countless blogs and radio stations.

Michael Fiore, the author of the Secret Survey, asked 21,412 men one question – “What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men but could never tell her?”

The results were quite surprising, revealing and insightful, worthy of an entire relationship program, to help women navigate men’s minds more easily and with greater confidence.

The Secret Survey contains 8 lessons in textual, video and audio form about what really goes on in men’s minds. Every mystery on what makes men tick laid out and explained.

Eschew months of expensive therapy, pleading, and wondering what he thinks and feels about you.

Along with all the dirty, secret material men are willing to reveal to women but are petrified to say out loud:

  • The real reason men are so “hard to understand”.
  • How to interpret “man speak”.
  • How to use “projective empathy” to know exactly what is going on in a man’s head even if he himself barely knows it.
  • Why men lie to the women they love, Michael will teach you the three reasons men lie to women and simple conversational tricks you can use to cause any man to open up to you within 5 minutes.
  • Ever wonder why your man doesn’t compliment or pursue you anymore? You may have accidentally emotionally castrated him, learn how to create a basis for truth, honesty and communication.
  • Why he looks at other women, what it says about you and how he feels about you when he looks and lusts about other women, including your friends.
  • The truth about cheating, why men cheat on women they truly love.
  • In Reflected Glory lesson, you will learn what he really thinks about you, and what your appearance means to him.
  • What men really want in bed, and why they would never admit their deepest fantasies to a woman.
  • You will also learn the power of feminine vulnerability, how to use “emotional judo” techniques to massively multiply his emotional desire for you, which has the potential of making you never fight again.
  • Emotional flooding, why men are petrified of women’s emotions.
  • How to seduce a man in an astonishingly little time.
  • How men decide if you are a girlfriend material or just someone they want to sleep with.
  • How to get men to chase you again, even if you’ve been together for years.

And that’s just a slice of the data revealed in this expansive survey, more than enough to transform your relationship or find the right guy within 30 days with Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey!

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