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Secret Seduction Spray is a concentrated formula of sex pheromones designed to be worn like cologne to drive girls wild with desire.

Secret Seduction Spray Review

Have you ever looked at a guy and wondered how he gets the hot chick on his arm? Or why you don’t have her? There are a lot of potential reasons of course, but one of the biggest ones is pure animal magnetism, something that could be bestowed by the Secret Seduction Spray.

What is the Secret Seduction Spray?

The Secret Seduction Spray by Troy Valance is a kind of spray that is packed full of 7 highly concentrated human sex hormone. It comes in the form a small black bottle and all one has to do is spray a little bit on their neck and on their wrists. There’s no need to even change how you talk to a woman or act with her. The pheromones do all the work for you. As her subconscious picks up on the pheromones it increases dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin levels. This, quite simply, gets her in the mood. It creates a feeling of pure lust in her.

How does the Secret Seduction Spray Work?

Most men have no real understanding of what hormones are, even though they are one of the most important parts of attraction. Have you ever heard the phrase “animal magnetism”? That’s what pheromones are. They are an odourless chemical the body gives off – both in men and women – that attract people of the opposite sex.

The first thing to understand about pheromones is that not every man is created equal in terms of pheromones. Some men have high quality hormones while others are lacking. Sometimes you even reduce the potency of your hormones through diet and wearing cologne.

Pheromones work on the olfactory system, which bypasses rational thinking to affect a woman on an emotional and instinctual level, including their mating behavior. All they know is that you really turn them on, and that’s good enough for them. Even if you aren’t their “type”.

As a concentration of male sex hormones, Secret Seduction Spray gives you the power of high quality pheromones to do with as you please. It looks just like cologne so anyone who sees it will be none the wiser to what you actually have and what it’s actually doing.

Free Bonuses

When you get a bottle of Seduction Spray you’re getting more than just the spray itself, you’re getting five free gifts to help you make the most of it.

  • Ultimate Orgasm Techniques – This guide shows you how to give women one of five unique kinds of orgasms. This includes knowing how to make any woman squirt.
  • Bedroom Boss – Every woman secretly wants and needs her man to be a dominant badass in the bedroom, even though not every man really understands how to do this. Learn how to do just that with Bedroom Boss.
  • Supersize her Sex Drive – This guide offers a foolproof way to make any woman practically beg for sex.
  • Get Her to Give you Head – This guide shows you the hand technique you can use to get any women to give you head, even if she’s never been open to the idea.
  • Better in Bed – As the name implies, this is your one stop guide to being better in bed. Take the chance that Seduction Spray gives you and make the most of it.

Troy Valance’s Secret Seduction Spray is a concentrated formula of sex pheromones designed to be worn like cologne to drive any girl wild with desire. The package includes five free gifts so you make the most out of the spray, along with a money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

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