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SEAL Survival Guide lays out everything you could need to know about preparing for, spotting, and dealing with situations such as terrorist attacks.

SEAL Survival Guide Review

If you’re going to think about survival, then there’s no one better at it than the Navy SEALs. The best of the best; able to survive in almost any situation. What better way to learn the ways of the Navy SEALs than by an actual SEAL? Dale T. is a former Navy SEAL who put together all of these tips and tricks in the SEAL Survival Guide.

What is the SEAL Survival Guide?

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that things are getting scary. More and more people are embracing the concept of survival and investing in survival guides. There are so many out there though that it’s hard to choose one. It’s best to learn from someone who actually knows their stuff. This is basically what the SEAL Survival Guide is.

What Will You Learn from the SEAL Survival Guide?

The SEAL Survival Guide lays out everything you could need to know about preparing for, spotting, and dealing with situations such as terrorist attacks. Every step, tip, and stealth strategy the SEALs know is laid out in a simple to understand guide that does away with the BS and political correctness to give you a blueprint for surviving what Dale T. calls “Thug Terrorism”; the new breed of domestic terrorism we see unfolding around us.

You’ll learn about things such as the “Hidden in Plain Sight” soft targets that you think are completely safe. These thug terrorists understand that they aren’t safe at all but you think they are, which is why they target them. Some of these are public venues that you can’t avoid but you can still take steps to protect yourself and give yourself an escape plan if need be.

There are five places that are dangerous to go to by yourself because they are primary targets for these domestic terrorists. They target the unsuspecting after all. Of course a survival guide is nothing without tips on survival. You’ll learn how you can survive situations such as suicide bombers and biological weapons. There’s no telling when these “dirty bombs” and other devices may be deployed. You need to know how to recognise them and what to do in the event that you see one or one goes off.

An important part of survival is knowing how to spot the terrorists. You’ll learn the seven kinds of unlikely thug terrorists and how you can spot them. They are experts at blending in with a crowd, sometimes they even dress up as their targets. Keep yourself and your family safe by spotting problems before they emerge.

All this and more is included in the SEAL Survival Guide.

There is a new threat in America that is growing, and it’s called leftist violence such as Antifa. You need to be able to recognize these threats and respond to them, and you need to know how to keep yourself and your family safe. The SEAL Survival Guide from Dale T. teaches you exactly how to do this, with tips and advice from an actual Navy SEAL.

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