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Rocket French includes a whole host of advanced French language learning techniques that form the bulk of the fifth success strategy.

Rocket French Review

France is a stunning country with a vibrant culture, a rich history, and a beautiful language. The best way to experience France would be to know that language for yourself. But learning a language isn’t easy and it can be expensive. If you’re looking to learn French then you should try the award winning Rocket French language program.

All the Rocket Language programs, including Rocket French, are founded on the scientific method known as Miller’s Law. In layman’s terms this is known as the “chunking process” which is when you break down a large task, such as learning a language, into much more manageable chunks that you can process in your own time. Rocket combine this principle with over a decade of research and the end product is their language programs like Rocket French.

Rocket Languages have their proprietary seven success strategies that they use to teach every language they offer. The first of these strategies is for those who say that they don’t have enough time to learn a new language. It’s not about how much time you have, but how effectively you use it. The “chunks” of Rocket French are so small that you can combine learning French with your daily chores and tasks. Learn French while doing the housework or on a long and boring commute.

Understanding the principles of the language you’re learning is the second success strategy. You can’t learn a language without first learning how it works. The French language has different rules than the English language. Understanding these differences is a key component of Rocket French.

Retaining information and reinforcing the language is the focus of the third success strategy. People can forget what they know so quickly it really could go in one ear and out of the other. Rocket French gives you tests and other ways to ensure you retain the information you learn and keep the language alive in your brain.

Sounding and talking like a French native is what the fourth success strategy is all about. Rocket French includes the Rocket Record voice recognition software that goes a long way in this regard. It detects whether you’re speaking with an accent and responds appropriately, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the language.

Rocket French includes a whole host of advanced language learning techniques that form the bulk of the fifth success strategy. You don’t want to be learning a language in the same way that people were learning languages ten years ago. We’ve come a long way since then. Learn languages as the hyperglots do. A hyperglot is someone that is capable of speaking over six languages, unlike your average polygot who speaks up to five.

Rocket French features a wide support community that will be there to help you and features native speakers, tutors, and your fellow learners. This forms the sixth success strategy. The seventh and final success strategy is that Rocket French makes learning French more fun to keep you motivated and enjoying yourself. The more you enjoy something the more likely you are to stick with it.

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