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Ripped After 40 aims to prove that anyone, no matter their age, can achieve an incredible body.

Ripped After 40 Review

There’s this idea that being ripped and having abs is only for the young. That older men, especially men over 40, have to just give up on the dream of being lean, mean, muscle machines. This idea may be misguided, as Ripped After 40 shows. The reality is that men aren’t being taught how to exercise properly and Ripped After 40 corrects this mistake and helps men of all ages, particularly older men, to achieve the body they’ve always wanted.

What is Gary Walker’s Ripped After 40?

At the heart of it, Ripped After 40 is an exercise guide for older men. It’s so much more than that though. It teaches men more about how their bodies work and how muscle is developed. You’ll learn not just how to get ripped, but also why you’ve been having trouble before now. Traditional exercises can do a lot more harm than good. The secret is to exercise properly with TriCon Training, which is what this guide is built around.

What do you Learn with Ripped After 40?

The Ripped After 40 program is broken down into three main phases. Here’s a look at what these phases are, and what you can expect from them;

  1. Density – The aim of the Density phase in Ripped After 40 is to build up a solid foundation for your future workouts. This phase is about optimizing your hormones and metabolic profile. It makes use of nutrient timing and exercises to build muscle, and introduces anaerobic cardio that is designed to trigger powerful hormonal responses.
  2. Alpha – As you might have guessed from the name, the Alpha phase is about turning you into an alpha male. It’s all about the grind and it’s going to take some focus, but that’s what you do phase 1 for. By the time you reach the Alpha phase, you’ll have the confidence and energy you need to get through this phase and feel unstoppable by the time you’re done. The Alpha stage is about realizing that age really is nothing but a number. It’s a complete reset for your mind and body to create a new and better body that can last for years and look good in the mirror.
  3. Ripped – This is where things get kicked into high gear. You’ve made it through the phase one and two, so you’ve built up some good strength and muscle volumes and your hormones are working their best. It’s time to scale back on the resistance training and start doing more anaerobic exercises. This phase stimulates the central nervous system and takes advantage of nutrition manipulation to reduce belly fat and get you ripped.

Money-Back Guarantee

Ripped After 40 by Gary Walker aims to prove that anyone, no matter their age, can achieve an incredible body. There’s no reason to think that having abs is beyond you now that you’ve reached middle age. With the right training techniques and diet, it’s possible for men over 40 to get ripped. Check out the guide for yourself and see what it can do for you and your body. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Gary Walker to get a full refund.

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