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Return of the Badass is about the three main traits that drive a woman wild and how to embody them so that they become a part of you.

Return of the Badass Review

Whether you believe it or not there is a badass alpha male hidden away inside of you. If you’ve tried other dating tricks and you haven’t managed to get the girl you want then it just means you’ve been using the wrong dating tricks and tips. Return of the Badass is filled with all the right dating tips to unlock your inner badass and land the girl of your dreams, or any other girl that comes your way.

When it comes to men and women there are very few men that actually tick every box a woman wants. There are some traits in men that women inherently desire. We know what some of them are; women love a tall, rich, handsome and physically fit guy. Not everyone can fit into these categories and essentially have sex on tap. Here’s where it gets interesting though; there are three main traits that drive a woman wild and these three traits are ones that any man can imitate. That’s what Return of the Badass is all about.

Imitating these three traits makes them a part of who you are and makes a woman respond to you and chase after you even if you aren’t her type and she wouldn’t give you a second glance before. Do you know the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it”? That’s how this works. Imitate the traits and eventually they will become your traits.

The first trait is, obviously, confidence. Women love a confident man. Unfortunately not every man is confident and very few men are good at faking it. Women can tell when you’re faking and it turns them off pretty quickly. You’ll learn how to actually embody confidence until you really are confident in your ability to score.

The second trait is about sex and it’s something every man tries but, once again, very few actually manage to pull off. If you mess it up then you push the woman away and come off as a pervy creep. That reduces your chances of getting laid in general because word gets around between women. When they run into a creepy guy they tell their friends, who tell their friends, and it gets hard to get laid again.

The third trait is something that men need to have to secure a good relationship as well as a short-term fling. Women need to feel like no matter what they do or say it won’t be able to hurt you. Not much turns on a woman quite like a guy who can’t be hurt.

Return of the Badass teaches you about these traits and how to embody them so that they become a part of who you are. When you embody these traits it triggers something in women. If you know a guy who can walk into a bar and walk out with the hottest woman there then he probably exudes these traits whether he realizes it or not.

The Return of the Badass is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee which means you’ll either become a chick magnet or get your money back. Either way; you can’t lose.

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