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Real Life Self-Defense is the ultimate guide to self defense you can use in the real world put together by self-defense expert Mike Gillette.

Real Life Self-Defense Review

No one wants to be a victim. Unfortunately no one gets to choose whether or not they become a victim. We live in an ever-more-dangerous world with more people finding themselves in danger each and every day. There are lots of people that can promise to teach you self defense, but what you need are methods to protect yourself that work in reality. Mike Gillette put together a guide to this real-life self defense in the aptly titled Real-Life Self Defense.

Real Life Self Defense is a guide to self defense you can use in the real world put together by self-defense expert Mike Gillette. Gillette makes use of a proven approach to rapid learning to develop a revolutionary video series that shows you how to keep yourself safe in the face of a range of threats.

What You Learn with Real-Life Self-Defense

The content of Real-Life Self-Defense is broken down into five different video series’. The first of these is related to Protection and Targets. It teaches you all the basics and sets you up to learn even more.

The second video series is dedicated to the Natural Weapons of the Body. Have you ever heard someone refer to their body as a weapon? If you want to be one of those people then this is the video course for you.

The third video series is all about Controlling the Subject. Control is an important part of any self-defense situation. You need to stay in control of yourself and have as much control over the situation as possible, which is just what you learn with this.

Knife crime is becoming an even bigger problem in a world with more gun-control. The fourth video series looks at how to best take out a target who has a knife or other bladed weapon. There’s no need to fear a knife if you know how to handle one. They only give the assailant an advantage if you let them.

The fifth and final video series looks specifically at how to survive an attempted rape. Rape is a serious problem that has long-standing damaging effects. It’s a situation that no one wants to find themselves in and it’s important to know how to come out of it unharmed.

When you put it all together you’ll have enough knowledge to come out of just about any situation in one piece. You’ll also be able to take the things you learn and pass them on to friends and family to make sure that they are safe in bad situations.

The techniques and information contained in Real-Life Self-Defense can be used by just about anyone. Gillette focuses on real moves that can be used in real situations, avoiding complicated and extravagant martial arts moves that could be difficult to do in a tense situation. What you end up with is a wealth of self-defense knowledge that will keep you safe for years to come, not to mention the ability to pass this knowledge on to others.

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