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ProstaMend contains a dozen natural ingredients to seek to bring balance back to the reproductive system.

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ProstaMend Review

Aging brings health problems and shutting down the body. One of the biggest concerns for most men involves prostate health, especially since half the male population over the age of 50 will experience dysfunction.

Many of these problems stem from Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH), particularly in men who disregard a healthy lifestyle. Most men know that the prostate plays a vital role in the reproductive system. However, it also can lead to an enlarged prostate, incontinence, and increased odds of cancer. This is where ProstaMend helps by supporting your prostate health.

How Does ProstaMend Work?

ProstaMend uses over a dozen natural ingredients to seek to bring balance back to the reproductive system. The way to manage BPH is a proper diet full of nutrients that curb DHT production. Each capsule of ProstaMend is full of the vitamins and minerals your body craves.

ProstaMend Ingredients

While there are over a dozen ingredients found in this supplement, seven are key to regaining positive prostate health.

  • Green Tea – Encourages a rise in SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) to bind with testosterone
  • Beta-Sitosterol – Prevents activity of the Enzyme 5-alpha reductase and DHT production
  • Zinc – Fulfills the body’s requirement for zinc which is used by the reproductive system to keep hormones balanced
  • P5P – A form of B6-vitamins that assist with zinc absorption
  • Saw Palmetto Extract, Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed Concentrate – A combination of three potent ingredients that work together to support ideal prostate function.
  • Pygeum – A phytonutrient that promotes healthy prostate function and structural integrity.
  • Miscellaneous Vitamins – Vitamin C and E are among two of the vitamins and antioxidants included promoting the removal of free radicals.

Money-Back Guarantee

ProstaMend is designed to be taken every day with a full glass of water. You should expect to see some results within the first couple of weeks. However, it can take up to a month for full effects to be noticed. Therefore, each bottle sold comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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