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Probio-7 is a probiotic supplement made using a proprietary blend of seven key probiotic strains, created by Dr. Hiroki Ishiguro.

Probio-7 Review

With all the junk food and so-called health food that the average person eats, it’s no wonder that the digestive system is constantly under attack. Things we feel are good for us end up being bad for us. Even things such as antibiotics can be bad because they kill all bacteria, including the “good” bacteria fuelling the digestive system. Rather than investing in antibiotics, you need a good probiotic like Probio-7 from Dr Hiroki Ishiguro and BeOrganic.

What is Probio-7?

Probio-7 is a probiotic supplement made using a proprietary blend of seven key probiotic strains, hence the name. The first six are relatively common probiotics while the seventh is a special one Dr Ishiguro researched and perfected himself. He noticed that while probiotics can be beneficial to health, they tend to be destroyed by the digestive system before they can do any good. The seventh strain keeps the others protected, while also offering benefits of its own.

What’s In Probio-7?

  • L. Acidophilus – L. acidophilus prevents pathogens from entering your gut and provides relief from gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • L. casei – This probiotic assists with lactose intolerance and prevents harmful bacteria like ecoli from spreading.
  • B. Iongum – This probiotic breaks apart carbohydrates and eliminates free radicals through antioxidant support while also helping to reduce seasonal allergies.
  • L. plantarum – L. plantarum is so great because it helps to eliminate bad bacteria by producing hydrogen peroxide, which boosts immunity and prevents disease.
  • L rhamnosus – This bacteria strain is considered to be the best defense for travellers because it reduces food poisoning and diarrhea.
  • Bifidobacterium breve – Bifidobacterium breve boosts the immune system and counters the harmful effects of antibiotics.
  • Bacillus Subtilis – The bacillus subtilis strain helps to safely transport all of these beneficial bacteria strains to the gut. It also has other benefits of its own including being able to survive in a wide range of temperatures, supporting immunity, and telling intestinal cells to seal the gut lining.

What are the Benefits of Probio-7?

  • Probio-7 relieves cramping and abdominal pain while allowing you to keep enjoying the same foods.
  • It protects against the harmful effects of taking too many antibiotics
  • It seals any piercings in the gut lining to prevent leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease
  • It creates a natural shield that protects against deadly bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, and deadly infections which helps fortify the immune system and prevents flu and colds.
  • Helps to lose weight around the midsection, reprogram your digestion and reduce cravings for the foods that are actually bad for you
  • Sustains energy levels through the day by stimulating the production of energy-inducing vitamins like vitamin B12.
  • Promotes naturally beautiful skin as probiotics treat psoriasis and eczema


While antibiotics can be more dangerous than expected, probiotics can help undo the damage and offer additional benefits. One problem with probiotics is that they can be destroyed by the stomach before doing any good. Probio-7 is designed to provide beneficial strains of probiotic bacteria while keeping them safe and allowing them to do their work.

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