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Preparedness Platinum Package goes in depth into the various aspects of preparedness and self-sufficiency…and make your family almost bulletproof to any disaster.

Preparedness Platinum Package Review

More people than ever are turning to disaster preparation and who can blame them? Every day more and more people take themselves off the grid and try and make their own way in life. So many people are doing it that it’s becoming easier than ever to do. If you’re interested in truly preparing, then you want the Preparedness Platinum Package.

Whether or not you really believe the financial market is about to collapse it doesn’t help to be prepared and a good chunk of this preparation guide is dedicated to what to do when your money just isn’t worth anything anymore.

  • Learn about the new economy that may very well emerge and how you can get in on it early
  • Learn which gold coins to buy instead of just buying gold
  • Also learn why you should consider investing in silver, rather than (or alongside) gold
  • And learn which items to stock up on now while they’re cheap

As well as what to do in the event of a bad financial crisis, the Platinum package includes a guide on what to do in the event society itself collapses. We have absolutely no clue when a major terrorist attack may occur so preparation is vital.

This report includes information on different types of evacuation strategies including a catch all plan that should keep your family safe in the event of nearly any crisis from a terrorist attack to a dirty bomb.

It also contains information on gas masks, why you should buy them, and which ones to buy. As well as a guide to what to do in the event of an EMP attack. An EMP attack is designed to cut out all electricity so first reactions are vital.

The third special report included in the Platinum package is a guide to all the different foods you need to stock up on now, as well as what to look for in the event of a disaster. It includes information on other items as well as food that are going to be hard to come by. Including grain that can grow even in arid conditions.

The fourth report is a very handy guide on what to cook and how to cook it when you don’t have fuel. Any fuel you do have will need to be conserved as much as possible. You also need to be sure to avoid parasites and dirty water. It’s an all around guide to cooking after a tragedy.

The fifth guide that can really help in the event of a crisis is a guide on how to hunt your own food, as well as how to prepare it for cooking. Most people are too squeamish to actually hunt and kill their own food but you may end up having to do that. It’s better to be prepared and know how to do it.

All of these guides, and over ten more crucial survival guides, are included in the Platinum package. If you’re going to take the time to learn how to survive then do a good job of it and get all the information you can.

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