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Hip Control introduces you to different techniques focused in simulating the natural function and movement of your hip joint.

How Does Hip Control Work?

The prevailing fitness concept, when centered on lower body compound exercises, appears to be incomplete because with these movements people always use the same muscles while disregarding their opposites, producing muscular imbalances, movement restrictions, dysfunction, instability, pain and injuries.

There are specifically 3 Muscle Groups: the hip flexors, the hip abductors and the hip internal rotators, which are the most neglected.

That’s why Hip Control was created. This is a 12-week guided course, developed by Eric Wong in collaboration with Precision Movement, that introduces you to different techniques, in the accurate sequence, focused in simulating the natural function and movement of your hip joint to assists you in easing problems such as pain, dysfunction, immobility and injuries due to muscular imbalances.

With this course each week you’ll receive: a coaching email bringing you further information on the next module, a training guide PDF, and access to HD videos so you can do the techniques correctly.

Who Is Eric Wong?

Eric Wong is a coach captivated with the body and how to get it feeling and moving more favorably. Eric Wong learned about the popular method of training based on “movements, not muscles” and also studied Kinesiology. He used to train people with this system, but then, through his experience, he realized that this kind of training creates imbalances in your body as stated above.

In order to counteract this, and allied with Precision Movement, he designed Hip Control, a blueprint that may help you alleviate from problems caused by muscular imbalances, giving you better mobility and movement longevity.

Which Are the Modules of Hip Control?

This program is based on 12 modules. The content of the first 4 is here to give you a preview of what this program is all about:

  • Module 1 – essential movements and hip joint anatomy, evaluations including a defiant and complex movement aim, the concepts of alignment and joint centration complemented with exercises, and a presentation of the technique of dissociation with some exercises to start the process.
  • Module 2 – supporting soft tissue quality and function with Active SMR, open vs. closed chain movement, and extra movements of the hip and to train dissociation.
  • Module 3 – hip control routine #1 (HC1), first approach to the fundamental positions of hip control, flexibility vs. mobility, and scaling movements.
  • Module 4 – progression of HC1, improvement of the fundamental positions, training on hip control and a review of the lower body elementary movement patterns.

Money Back Guarantee

Erick Wong and the team of Precision Movement offers you a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. If in this lapse of time you are not satisfied with the results, you only have to send an email to let them know, and you will receive a 100% refund of your money.

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