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Power Quadrant System shows you who you should stay away from and work with, building a real career for yourself, based on an ancient calendar.

Power Quadrant System Review

Lots of people spend time searching for their place in life; who they really are. Perhaps the truth could be closer than you think; as close as your DNA. You just need to find a way to connect your DNA to a special calendar to unlock the secrets of who you really are. The Power Quadrant System with Real Life Legends Club from Ric and Liz shows you how to live the life you were almost meant to lead, moving towards a state of happiness and success.

What is Power Quadrant System?

The Power Quadrant Method shows you how to find the right job for you, the kinds of people you should stay away from and work with, and how to build a real career for yourself. It shows you who you’re meant to be with, what limitations your spouse and children have, how to spot if someone would be a good business associate, and much more. It’s all built around an ancient calendar. All you need is your time and date of birth, and to listen to a message.

How does the Power Quadrant System Work?

Power Quadrant System is a powerful easy-listening audio program. Just turn the audio on, put your feet up, and take it in. What matters most is that you listen to the message until it is done and hear what the message reveals about you. During the time the audio plays, you’ll know your codes and can then make the right decisions for you. The material is focused on your career and soulmate. The codes of the Power Quadrant System help you understand the right profession for you and – from there – the right person for you.

What Will You Learn with the Power Quadrant System?

  • You’ll learn how other people are getting paid to follow their true callings, and how you can do it too
  • It uses a simple system code to improve your skills and give you a second chance at living the life of your dreams
  • The Quadrant Power System contains a 53 minute audio that teaches you what you need to know about the ancient calendar and how to use it
  • The audio track shows you if your current career is the right one for you, and what to do if it isn’t
  • You’ll learn what you should be doing with your time on Earth
  • Why you constantly have the same arguments with the people in your life
  • Simple chances you can make to get more done in a day
  • What you don’t have to do, no matter how much you think you do
  • How to find the perfect career for you


The Power Quadrant System can be used to set goals and build your dream life. If you do try the program and the Real Life Legends Club and find that it doesn’t work for you as well as you think it might; that you fail to learn more about yourself and where you should be, then you are entitled to a full refund. So there’s no harm in at least trying it to see what it can do.

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