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Pips Wizard Pro is the ultimate trend indicator tool complete with buy/sell signals that tell you just when you should buy and sell forex.

Pips Wizard Pro Review

If you’ve considered trading on the stock market then you’ve likely given forex trading a go. People prefer trading forex to stocks because it’s easier to get into and is much faster. It can take years to master trading stocks while you could be swapping forex in a matter of minutes. The problem is that many people lose more than they win with forex. If you’re looking to give yourself an edge with trading forex then you want Pips Wizard Pro by industry expert Karl Dittmann.

Pips Wizard Pro is the ultimate trend indicator tool complete with buy/sell signals that tell you just when you should buy and sell forex. Pips Wizard Pro is able to generate over 100 pips a day thanks to latest trading technology that provides it with incredibly accurate predictions. You’ll be catching onto trends before they start, giving yourself the ability to trade forex with confidence.

You can use Pips Wizard Pro with any forex pair, stock, commodity, or bond. It’s pretty simple to understand too. If the market is going to trend upwards, meaning that you should buy the currency pair, then the tool generates a blue line. If things are going to trend down, which means you need to sell the currency pair, then the tool generates an orange line. It couldn’t be simpler to understand whether you should be buying or selling. There’s the additional option of having alerts sent to your phone or email address so you never miss a good trade and can always get in on the action.

All you need to do is open up the program and choose a forex pair or stock, along with the timeframe you want. After that the program will alert you with a popup telling you whether you should buy or sell and you make the trade. Because Pips Wizard Pro does all the work for you there’s no need for you to spend ages learning all about how to read the charts and when you should make a trade. It’ll help of course, but it’s not exactly necessary.

Pips Wizard Pro by Karl Dittmann features a very user-friendly interface. It’s simple to read and understand. It works great with every time-frame between M15 and D1. It takes a lot of the risk out of trading with the easy-to-follow trading method and trading signals that take all the thinking out of the equation. It generates up to 200 pips a day and alerts you in a number of unique ways including email, pop up, and even push notifications on your phone.

Inside the Pips Wizard Pro package you will receive the software itself, along with a step-by-step user guide. Included in the package is information about the secret trading algorithm that Pips Wizard Pro uses. You’ll know exactly how it works, provided you can understand the algorithm and what it all means. On top of this you receive some additional features, and examples of live action trades and even lifetime email support. If you ever run into a problem using Pips Wizard Pro then just send Karl Dittmann an email and he’ll provide you with the support you need or, if you really want it, a full refund.

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