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Pet Longevity Secrets shows how to give your pet a comfortable and long life they deserve and you want for them.

Pet Longevity Secrets Review

Dan Logan believes that pet health and longevity is related to their levels of IGF-1. It stands for “Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1” and it is a kind of hormone that has been linked to shorter lifespans in animals. Animals that live long lives, such as turtles and small dog breeds, produce less quantities of IGF-1.

Another important factor in pet health is the telomeres on their DNA. Telomeres effectively protect DNA and keep it strong and healthy, leading to a longer life. By finding ways to boost telomere health and decrease the production of IGF-1, you’ll learn how to help your pet stay healthy for longer.

Inside Pet Longevity Secrets you’ll learn how to give your pet that comfortable and long life they deserve and you want them to have. You’ll learn what kinds of foods you should feed your pet so they get plenty of telomere-boosting nutrients such as folic acid. What food is right for your pet depends on their breed, size, and age. It’s the level of customization that makes this guide stand out from the crowd.

As well as teaching you about IGF-1, telomeres, and what it all means for the health of your pets, Dan Logan teaches you about how to care for things like kidney and liver problems in your pet. Take steps to prevent these problems before they set in and care for them if they do. It doesn’t replace your vet, but it does mean less trips to them.

Last but not least, you’ll be get a complete guide to pet food. Dan assesses lots of different brands of commercial pet food. You might be surprised at what goes into them. There’s an entire list of ingredients that should be avoided. Once you know what to get your pets they’ll be eating the right food and have all the energy they need.

Money-Back Guarantee

Dan Logan goes into detail in Pet Longevity Secrets on everything about IGF-1, telomeres, and all the other important things. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Dan Logan to get a full refund.

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