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PanaSilver is an immune system support supplement that leverages the healing power of silver to fight infections.

PanaSilver Review

The immune system is the core of human health. It fights infections and prevents them from settling in in the first place. It does a lot for us, but every so often it might need a little support to stay strong. There are lots of immune system support supplements out there, and PanaSilver appears to be one of the better ones.

What is Activation Products PanaSilver?

According to Activation Products, PanaSilver is an immune system support supplement that leverages the healing power of silver to fight infections. It’s said that old settlers would use silver to purify their water by tossing it into wells and barrels, and PanaSilver works on a similar principle. It claims to be made from an effective, non-toxic, bio-available form of silver that is easily absorbed to boost immunity and improve energy levels.

How Does PanaSilver Work?

The silver included in PanaSilver works in three key ways, as stated by Activation Products:

  1. The silver particles (silver ions) have a positive electrical charge. This charge is attracted to the cell membranes of bacteria, which have a negative charge. The silver then takes a piece of the membrane, tearing a hole in the outer cell wall and causing the bacteria to burst or collapse. This allows the silver to kill off bacteria and viruses in the body. Don’t worry about your own cells though, as human cell walls are too thick for silver to damage.
  2. Silver ions are known to connect strongly to sulfur. Sulfur is the element that binds bacteria proteins and keeps them together. When silver binds to the sulfur, it prevents bacteria from being able to access the sulfur. Losing this connection causes the bacteria to starve and die.
  3. Silver triggers the production of poisonous substances known as “reactive oxygen species” in bacteria. These substances effectively destroy bacteria from within. Think of it like starting a fire within bacteria and watching it burn through everything.

People have long believed in the healing powers of silver. The problem comes from finding ways to get it into your system. After all, silver isn’t exactly digestible. People got around this problem using colloidal silver, which is a kind of liquid silver, but this can have dangerous side effects. PanaSilver mitigates the potential damage of silver by using a highly dissolved formula.

Activation Products, the manufacturers of PanaSilver, charge the silver and water with over 10,000 volts of electricity to cause them to bond together in a particular way. It creates something known as Silver Sol/hydrosol. This solution contains silver particles dispersed in pure water that offers the benefits of silver with presumably only a minute chance of harmful side effects.

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