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Pain Revealed offers a glimpse into the world of pain; understand what causes pain and how to stop it.

Pain Revealed Review

Pain Revealed by Dr. Patrick Gentempo offers you a glimpse into the world of pain; understand what causes pain and how to stop it. It’s like having the good doctor by your side explaining things to you.

The Pain Revealed is split up into ten different episodes that all focus on a different aspect of pain and pain relief.

What do you Learn with Pain Revealed?

  • The Pain Revelation – This episode explores the alternatives to western pain relief (prescription pills). It looks at why those pills may be dangerous and the potential benefits of things like essential oils. Your doctor may not tell you about these alternatives, or they might even actively recommend against them. So it’s good to be informed.
  • The Entourage Effect – The biggest and best pain treatments actually come from doctors who’ve had to overcome their own pain. Dr. Lieurance is one such doctor, who had to learn about neurology training to treat his own pain. This episode also looks at Mason Unck, an athlete who had to overcome several surgeries without pain medication.
  • What the World Has Wrong With Pain – Pain can be unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Dr. Patrick Gentempo explains how pain is commonly a natural response to a deeper underlying issue. Rather than try and eliminate pain, you should try and understand the root cause and have that treated instead.
  • Just Breathe – This episode features Danish free-diver Stig Severinsen. Stig explains how he was able to naturally manage his pain to hold his breath for 20 minutes underwater – something he was told just wasn’t possible. Much like episode 3, it also looks at the misinformation around pain and how to make the “impossible” happen.
  • The Multi-Billion Dollar Pain War – This episode of Pain Revealed explores what Dr. Patrick Gentempo considers the “war on pain”. It aims to debunk the myths around pain and offer hope to people who want to take care of their pain on their own. It looks at things such as stem cells, acupuncture, and how to recover from nerve damage.

The above represents just half of what you can learn from Pain Revealed. The other episodes look into things such as the connection between pain and aging, how powerful pain relief may be closer than you think, the root causes of pain, and more.

If you have any problems with the Pain Revealed guide, then simply get in touch with Dr. Gentempo to arrange for a full refund.

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