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Organifi is as efficient as superfoods can be, a gently dried green powder with which you can prepare a delicious drink.

Organifi Green Juice Review

You have heard of healthy foods, but what about superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that not only have densely packed nutritional values at low caloric intake, but also contain health benefits thanks to exotic ingredients that go beyond the standard packaging info about carbs, proteins and fats.

In today’s busy modern life, people want efficiency in everything they do. Who has the time to select, prepare and cook food several times per day, and likely still miss many important ingredients to maintain one’s health and vitality.

Organifi green juice is as efficient as superfoods can be, a gently dried green powder with which you can prepare a delicious drink without the need for blending or juicing. It is free from fillers, additives, and other artificial ingredients.

Only the most beneficial ingredients are mixed together with numerous health and overall fitness benefits:


A single-cell green algae rich in protein, carbs, fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll. It is used in the prevention of health conditions, increase of white blood cells, stimulation of the immune system, for protection of good bacteria in the GI tract, and as guard against heavy metals like mercury and lead.


Serves as antioxidant, found in sub-Himalayan areas of Asia such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Moringa is used in the treatment of anemia, arthritis, swelling, diarrhea, stomach pain, ulcers, kidney stones, fluid retention, and against various kinds of infections.


Known in vegetarian circles as a good source of protein with additional benefits of being rich in calcium and iron.


Widely used for its refreshing fragrance in many drinks and meals.


Although not many people have a taste for it, in its isolated juiced form it brings a wealth of vital ingredients such as fiber, folate, antioxidants, nitrates and potassium.

Matcha Green Tea

Everyone knows the benefits of green tea, but Matcha, ordinarily found in Japanese monasteries, is unique in its ability to reduce stress, normalize appetite and regulate hormones thanks to a special EGCG antioxidant.


This plant holds a special place in ancient civilizations as the plant of life. It increases the production of hemoglobin and improves blood sugar levels.


An adaptogen consisting of a potent combo of vitamins, herbs and amino acids that regulates your stress levels.


A powerful antioxidant that helps with heartburn, bloating, liver and gallbladder problems.


A great source of vitamin C, added just enough to improve the flavor of the mix.

Coconut Water

Free of cholesterol and fat, but rich in electrolytes and potassium.

Monk Fruit

A natural sweetener with low glycemic value but high sweetness, added just enough to round up the excellent taste.

As you can see, you can’t just find these ingredients in your neighborhood grocery store. Put together, they offer an advantageous enhancement of your overall condition:

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Higher energy and focus
  • Immune system boost
  • Reduction of stress through hormonal regulation
  • Detoxification
  • Rejuvenation of your skin and hair

The best of all is that you can try Organifi green juice out with no risk, as it has a generous refund policy of 30 days!

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    I juice when possible but when time is limited I reach for this. By far the best green juice supplement I ever used.

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    Can I have the actual Organifi promo code, instead of automatically applying it?

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    why are they selling it for $69.99 on Amazon?

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    the taste was great and overall I loved this organifi product

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