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The Obsession Formula is undetectable, rejection-proof, makes her completely obsessed about you, and lets you take control of your sex life.

The Obsession Formula Review

Are you despairing because you can’t get laid? You don’t know how to approach women to mutual satisfaction? You have social anxiety and hate spending money on dating? Do you consider yourself a lost cause because you perceive yourself as unattractive?

Additionally, due in large part to feminists, the dating game is rigged against men.

However, by mastering the feminine psychology, a new way opens to circumvent these and other barriers you might encounter when engaging women. Even if you are ugly, poor or have already been rejected by the same girl.

Manipulating the so called Obsession Triggers in women it is not only possible, but guaranteed to puncture through women’s defenses and make them want to please you.

Adam Lyons, today’s world top seducer and dating coach, was in the same ignoble position as many man when dealing with women, but that all changed when Adam met Vlad, a government employee in Ukraine. His job was to seduce highly sought after women, preferably those who were mistresses or were married to powerful men.

He operated under a covert program codenamed “Operation Red Hornet”, his agency spent over 7 years, and over 3 million dollars testing new psychological tactics designed to induce love and desire in female subjects.

The goal of the program was to give agents like Vlad a powerful tool he can use to make women obsessed, because an obsessed woman is a woman that spills out secrets.

Vlad was not a businessman, so he did not understand the value of his training and the knowledge that was imparted upon him. Subsequently, it took Adam only $8000 of bribery to make him reveal the techniques he used.

Recently, getting the wind of the huge potential of his training Vlad overstepped his bounds and is now a wanted man for using these secrets to extort money from three influential women in Sweden, UK, and Switzerland.

But most importantly, the Operation Red Hornet confirmed something that scientists have been suspecting for quite some time about the female psychology – they are fantasizing about sex all the time.

Two Harvard psychologists recently proved that an incredible 47% of a woman’s waking hours is spent on fantasizing about sex. Scientists at the University of Grenada reported that women experience sexual fantasies more often than men.

Dr. Logan Levkoff, a female sexologist, has this to say about women’s sex fantasies: “Our brains are the biggest sex organ we have. We are supposes to use them. We are supposed to have an active fantasy life.”

So, why are women portrayed as sexually meek and much less active than men?

In addition to being culturally conditioned to not reveal this to others and even themselves, and unlike men who are thinking about a variety of women, they are fantasizing about one specific guy.

You can use this to your advantage. But on the other hand, if you are not that guy who she obsesses about, no matter how many right things you say or do, it will get you nowhere.

Therefore, you need to ignite one of her obsession fantasies, even if you are not her type, or poor, or unattractive.

Adam has since simplified this technique so even regular guys can use it, he has spent over 19,000 hours testing the formula on himself and his most “difficult” students – virgins, many guys with disabilities and social anxieties.

But how exactly would this work?

How The Obsession Formula Works

First, you’ll drop a few subtle hints and phrases in your next conversation with her, planting the seeds that activate her Obsession Fantasy. She’ll become visibly horny and start finding excuses to touch you.

In the Operation Red Hornet, over 91% of the time, even passive women will make the first move on you.

Obsession Formula is undetectable, rejection-proof technique that makes her completely obsessed about you. One of many techniques you can learn:

  • One weird move that makes the woman you’re talking to unconsciously start touching your thighs, legs, and even your groin area.
  • How to turn the tables on the girl and make her come after you when she’s playing hard to get.
  • How to read the 7 subtle but obvious clues a woman gives off that tell you she’s single and practically begging to be ravaged, so you never have to waste time with girls who are unavailable.
  • 3-second “arousal amplification technique” for making a girl horny for you. Subtly do this 2-3 times and she’ll be ready to be kissed.
  • 5 subtle phrases to drop into conversations with a girl that induce her to start vividly fantasizing about a sexual encounter with you.

Take control of your sex life and don’t ever place yourself beneath women with The Obsession Formula.

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  1. The Obsession Formula
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    I’ve got 99 problems and they’re all women.

  2. The Obsession Formula
    4 out of 5

    I don’t know how I should feel about the obsession formula. She gets very explicit, and talks about how she wants me to have sex with her, how it takes all her self control to not strip me and suck me off where ever she sees me, etc. Well, in all honesty, that’s a little bit too aggressive for me, so I basically avoid her for a day or four, and the next time I see her she’s obviously sad and asks what I thought of her. I tell her that it was too much, so she runs into her house crying.

  3. The Obsession Formula
    5 out of 5


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