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Nutonen seeks to stabilize blood sugar levels and make losing weight easier by opening up GLUT4.

Nutonen Review

Diabetes is becoming a worldwide epidemic, if it isn’t one already. It is closely linked to obesity and other similar problems, and the world is no doubt getting fatter. The good news is that every problem has a solution, and diabetes is no different. If you are looking for something that can help to manage diabetes symptoms, consider Nutonen by Dr. David Mokotoff and Simple Promise.

What is Nutonen?

Nutonen is a supplement created by the combined efforts of Dr. David Mokotoff and renowned supplement company Simple Promise. It is built around GLUT4, special cells used by the body to transport glucose. These cells are all over the body, but are concentrated in fat and muscle tissue. Eating causes blood sugar levels to rise because glucose – sugar – flows through the bloodstream. The body responds by producing insulin. Insulin opens the GLUT4 cells, allowing glucose to provide your cells with energy. This pulls glucose out of the bloodstream and puts it to work, returning blood sugar levels to normal.

The process is thrown out of balance as you get older though, and the damage from a lifetime of pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, and a poor diet compile. The insulin receptors in your body stop working properly and the GLUT4 cells aren’t as effective. Glucose stays in the blood and serious problems, including diabetes, develop. That’s where Nutonen comes in.

Nutonen Benefits

  • Clinically Proven – It contains one of the few nutraceutical ingredients for controlling blood sugar that is backed by human clinical studies – corosolic acid, which is a by-product of banaba trees. Corosolic acid effectively opens up the insulin receptors and ensures they work at full capacity.
  • Fast Acting – Unlike some supplements that can take a few months to work effectively, the high concentration of corosolic acid in Nutonen has been shown to get to work reducing post-meal blood glucose levels in as little as one week.
  • Works According to Your Needs – The more glucose you have in your bloodstream the more effective this supplement is. Studies showed that the people with the highest fasting glucose levels saw the biggest drops in glucose levels.
  • It’s Safe – Banaba leaf extract has been proven time and again to be safe for human consumption. No adverse side effects have been observed with banaba leaf and corosolic acid. The supplement was also shown to not change blood cell count, blood pressure, or kidney/liver function.


When your body isn’t able to properly manage blood sugar it can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and a host of other problems. Nutonen is a supplement that boosts glucose absorption and release by using corosolic acid to open up GLUT4 cells to stabilize blood sugar and make losing weight easier.

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