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NLP Hero is an audible NLP training program designed by Bob Doyle and developed by Inspire3, in an easy-to-digest format.

NLP Hero Overview

What Is NLP Hero?

The NLP Hero audio program is an audible NLP training program designed by Bob Doyle and developed by Inspire3 to bring the most powerful NLP techniques to layman’s terms in a fun, applicable way that is guaranteed to bring results to anyone who listens to it.

Who Is Bob Doyle?

Bob Doyle is a speaker, coach and voiceover artist who ever since 2012 has decided to help people through his knowledge. He has been featured in productions like “The Secret”, “The Opus” (continuation to The Secret) and “Try It On Everything” and has come up with the idea of developing a new program called NLP Hero that help people achieve and overcome obstacles and hardships in their lives, by remodeling their reality through their own thoughts,

NLP Hero has been designed by a team of brain-focused specialists, Inspire3, who have experience developing scientifically proven, mind-focused effective life-changing products and training programs that have helped thousands of people overcome limitations, shortcomings and hardships.

What Makes NLP Special?

NLP Hero is unlike any other Neurolinguistics Program, since it’s based only on the core principles of NLP without its complicated verbiage, it’s developed on an easily-comprehensible and digestible format: it takes a lightweight, layman approach to highly advanced and sophisticated techniques of neural programming, and turns them into a series of “brain hacks” (highly applicable, simple and effective audio sessions), which are focused to help the listener overcome, achieve, conquer or upgrade many aspects of their lives.

NLP Hero Components

Upon joining the program, you will get access to 10 audio tracks, with a duration between 13 and 20 minutes, that are designed to guide the listener trough 10 principles of NLP, and branded as “brain hacks”:

  • The basics – It’s an overview of NLP and exposes real-world examples on how your life will change as you follow the brain hack exercises.
  • Modelling – How to apply the Modelling NLP technique to model thought structures of experienced successful people and applies it to your life.
  • Mirroring and matching – How to apply the NLP technique of Mirroring and Matching to develop charming charisma and the ability to bond with anyone in any circumstance.
  • Anchoring – How to access your “secret body button”, which will enable you to instantly summon feelings and attitudes whenever you require them.
  • Collapsing anchors – How to overcome phobias, fears and anxiety.
  • Reframing – How to write your past and become a better version of you trough reframing past negative experiences and making sure they’re useful to you.
  • Submodalities – How to change your mind and change your life.
  • Pattern Interrupts – How to break bad habits and command anyone’s attention.
  • State management – A secret body hack for instantly changing the way you feel.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 365-day guarantee that these techniques will help you become someone better and will profoundly impact your life in meaningful ways. If while on this period, you discover this program is not for you, a full refund can be issued with no questions asked.

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