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NitroFocus applies brainwave entertainment to influence brainwaves, allowing you to shift your brain into the state you want it to be in.

NitroFocus Review

Motivation and focus can be hard to come by. Sometimes you have to push through something and get it done, but you can’t do it no matter how hard you try. You just can’t muster up the energy. There are lots of things you can do in that situation, but one of the most interesting ones comes in the form of NitroFocus.

What is NitroFocus?

NitroFocus is a series of MP3 files that work using brainwave entertainment to directly influence brainwaves. Brainwave entertainment is the science of influencing brain patterns through external stimuli – sound in this case. It allows you to shift your brain into the state you want it to be in, with NitroFocus focusing on, well, focus.

How Does NitroFocus Work?

NitroFocus is all about frequencies and how they can affect the brain. Brainwaves will change and shift towards a frequency they are exposed to, such as beats per minute. You can improve your focus and concentration by listening to the “beat” and having your brain shift to that state.

What do you get with NitroFocus?

The main thing that you get with NitroFocus is of course the MP3 audio sessions. These are various length audio files that you can listen to and have them improve your focus. The sounds basically change how your brain works. Literally. It eliminates distracting thoughts, the feelings that are draining away your motivation, and the mental chatter slowing you down.

NitroFocus also comes with a complete NitroFocus user guide. This is a 50=page PDF file that explains in detail what the program is, and the science behind how it all works. This user guide includes a quick start guide, so you don’t have to worry about reading all the fine print before you can begin.

As for the sessions themselves, they are broken down into five main focus sessions, and a further seven supporting sessions. They can help perfectly complement the mood that you are already in, or want to be in. These sessions include:

  • Classic – the most popular and powerful audio
  • Easy
  • Digital
  • Workout
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Ocean
  • The Five Minute Break – this allows you to relax for a few minutes without losing focus
  • The Ten Minute Break
  • Focus Gym – a 45-minute session for the gym
  • Memory Commit – ideal for people studying for exams and those that want to improve their chances of something being stored in their long-term memory
  • Analytical Builder

The audio sessions are combined with background music and can be enjoyed through speakers and headphones, whichever works best for you. Sometimes with programs like this you will have to use headphones, but these sounds are designed to work just as well through speakers.


NitroFocus is a powerful aid for helping you get focused and stay focused on the task at hand. You can use headphones or speakers to listen to the audio. The amount of choice means that you can always find something to match your mood. The science behind the program – brainwave entertainment – has been proven to work. All you need to worry about is choosing which program to listen to!

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