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Neuro-Balance Therapy is a program for helping prevent falls with a specially designed spike ball.

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Neuro-Balance Therapy Overview

No one wants to have to consider moving into assisted living. That is what happens to many people as they begin to age.

Most of these trips, most of the slips that happen are usually due to one thing. Quite often, those simple falls become much more serious as you get older. During the time that you are healing, your fear of moving around grows. Until it finally may reach a point that you move from a bed to a chair and that is all.

Who Is Chris Wilson?

Chris Wilson is a Certified Balance Specialist. After hearing some of the horror stories of patients that have fallen and were unable to stand up until help arrived, Wilson put plenty of thought into the reason so many people fall when they stand up. He determined that it is due to a nerve in the foot that is impinged, or sleeping.

Chris Wilson managed to figure out a way that is going to help tens of thousands of people. Many of whom have already fallen and their fear is now immense. This little spike ball will work to help that nerve in your foot wake up. This nerve is called the Deep Peroneal Nerve and it is responsible to catch you before you fall by contracting the muscles.

The Miracle Ball

The simple method of helping prevent falls is only going to take approximately ten seconds before you stand up each time. The little ball is made of rubber and there are spikes of rubber that are all over the ball. This is so that as you roll the ball as directed, the spikes will wake up that Deep Peroneal Nerve which then ‘tells’ the other nerves and muscles to do their jobs too.

The ball is meant to wake the nerve up with the touching of those spikes. If you can roll this ball under and between your feet for those short seconds before standing up, you should soon begin to regain the confidence you once had.

Money Back Guarantee

Included with the spike ball and the DVD instructions is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. Chris Wilson is so confident that it may help you to regain the confidence and lose the fear of falling.

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