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Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method applies SYMULAST to eradicate the root cause of cellulite, and aim at permanently getting rid of it within 28 days.

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Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method Review

Cellulite, much like male-pattern boldness, has always had a devastating effect on one’s self-perception and self-worth. As it turns skin into a dimpled, ragged flesh so too it turns confidence into bitter regret.

Afflicting most women, around 85%-98%, targeting the areas on buttocks, thighs, hips and belly, the official causes of cellulite are too numerous to count: hormones, genetic factors, improper dieting, life style high in stress, metabolism, etc…you know there is something fundamentally lacking in knowledge when you see such a jumbled amalgamation of factors.

Fortunately, for the past 23 years Joey Atlas has been quietly helping women deal with cellulite. He holds two degrees in exercise physiology and is a women’s body enhancement specialist, with clients in 193 countries. The time has finally come for him to share his secret methodology in eliminating cellulite.

Within 28 days it is possible to permanently get rid of it, by using some unconventional methods you haven’t heard of before. Just within 7-10 days you will notice the first signs of tightening and smoothing of your skin.

This method does not involve unsafe pills and chemicals, scrubbing, weird vibrating massages or some crazy dieting and workout routine. Surely you’ve heard all of it before, and it never works.

There are 3 critical principles you need to understand about getting rid of cellulite:

  1. Why do you have cellulite and what it is exactly?
  2. What makes cellulite worse?
  3. There is only one proven way to get rid of it for good

First of all, cellulite is NOT a skin or a fat issue. The manifestation of cellulite is in fact a muscle-fiber issue. This is why all the cellulite products, geared towards skin and fat content never work, it is simply physiologically impossible for them to work.

Down to your waist and ankles you have 90 muscles to activate, if they don’t get proper stimulation they succumb to muscular atrophy. When this occurs the skin on top of them has no support, which manifests in dimples and bumps, or what we call – cellulite.

Furthermore, if your muscle-fibers don’t receive proper stimulation the bumps and dimples will only get worse and worse.

Now that you know what cellulite is and what makes it worse, you need to know the only solution for it, and that is Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation, or SYMULAST in short.

SYMULAST is achieved by combining simple but highly targeted body movements, which must satisfy 3 critical conditions:

  • Form
  • Tempo
  • Sequence

These are not gym or health club exercises that use machines and weights, those are 2-dimensional exercises that can actually make cellulite worse. In order to remove the cellulite, your body movements must be multi-dimensional so each muscle-fiber layer can be targeted and stimulated. All of the SYMULAST exercises can be done at home with no special equipment under 20 minutes.

Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method consists of movement and targeted exercises that you must perform 3 times per week, you will be instructed on the precise form, proper tempo and specific sequence. All of which will be laid out in an easy-to-follow weekly schedule.

Acquiring the private instant access you will get a step-by-step video guide through Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method, the printed guide version of the method containing illustrated instructions, and a personal cellulite reduction schedule along with the gone-for-good schedule for long term prevention of cellulite.

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