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My Bikini Belly 2.0 is designed specifically to deal with the issue of “menopausal belly”, to counter the negative effects of this new transition of your body.

My Bikini Belly 2.0 Review

If you are a woman over 35 you know how hard it is to lose weight and not gain it back, but do you know why that is the case?

Once you hit menopause your body processes fat differently, your metabolism gets slower and less inefficient, which means that even if you engage in a moderate physical activity, that is, if your caloric intake is slightly less than energy expenditure, it still won’t be enough to lose weight, and specifically not enough to lose the visceral fat clinging to your belly and waist.

In short, when menopause gets turned on your body goes into fat storage mode, due to our evolutionary heritage.

Shawna Kaminski created My Bikini Belly 2.0 program based on over a decade of experience working with real women at her studio in Canada. It is designed specifically to deal with the issue of “menopausal belly”, to counter the negative effects of this new transition of your body.

It aims to traverse all of your hormonal, metabolic, and physiological obstacles in losing visceral belly fat.

In order to accomplish this My Bikini Belly 2.0 gives you the following solutions, instructions and tools:

  • Long workouts are not the way to go, instead, women over 35 should focus on short, carefully sequenced burst of movements that will match your new hormonal state.
  • Doing crunches and sit-ups is also not the way to go. You already have abs, it’s just that they are covered under a layer of fat. These and other traditional exercises just activate the stress hormone cortisol, which signals your metabolism to push fat directly into your belly.
  • With this program you will only have to use your own bodyweight, for short periods of time each day. There will be no need to go to gym or waste precious time on dull workout sessions.
  • Each short exercise instance will trigger metabolic bursts that through thermogenesis force your body to burn belly fat for the next couple of days.
  • Shawna’s special “Beat the Bloat” trick will help you de-puff and drastically lessen the bloat in your belly.
  • Learn how to keep up the motivation and ward off fatigue, by activating anti-aging hormones.

That’s just a small glimpse you will find in this 21-day program, a 3-part DVD set consisting of:

  • Bikini Belly Flush
  • Bikini Belly Burn
  • Bikini Belly Blast

If you are tired of looking for miracles and quick fixes, wasting your time, and trying out weight-loss systems that were not even designed for women (even though they are marketed as such), let alone for women over 35, then My Bikini Belly 2.0 is a program suited for you.

Especially considering how you can try it out for 60 days, and if you are still dissatisfied, you can get a full refund.

There is no other program that combines the latest research of the female metabolism with years of practical experience and feedback from real women.

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