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My Back Pain Coach strengthens your abs and core, which will augment your stability and balance.

My Back Pain Coach Review

If back pain is your constant companion in life and you have tried it all; surgery, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, yoga, pilates, electric stimulation, and nothing worked at all, then you have come to the right place.

The reason you still have chronic pain and nothing seems to help is because you kept addressing the symptoms instead of the true cause.

To better understand this think of it in terms of a car analogy.

When a car is not working properly, you hear strange sounds or something, it means that it isn’t balanced. If this continues unresolved more things will go wrong. For example, the tires might wear out unevenly and one of them might even blow out. A simple problem can cascade into a disaster.

In most cases, like with the imbalanced car, the imbalance in your body is the core issue that is giving you pain. Your muscles are not working evenly because some muscles work more than others. As more worked muscles become stronger they begin to pull weaker muscles, thus affecting your tissues, ligaments and joints.

This in turn causes an accumulation of small injuries across the inflicted area. Give it enough time and these injuries grow into big injuries, commonly known as sciatica or herniated disk. It is at this point when chronic pain becomes your regular companion in life.

It is easy to understand how misguided people are when thinking about this with phrases like – “I threw my back out because I bent down in a weird way.”

If you think about it closely you would see how it doesn’t make any sense, you can’t actually “throw your back out” simply because you performed a normal action of picking something up from the floor. The “back is thrown” because the imbalance of your muscles got so bad that in that particular instance performing a normal action was the tipping point that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Now that you know the cause of your back pain, let’s learn about the solution.

Ian Hart, a long-time sufferer of back pain, was lucky to one day hire a personal trainer, Bojan Mladenovic from Serbia. Bojan graduated with Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, at the top of his class at the University of Belgrade, one of the most prestigious universities in his country.

Not long after his graduation he was admitted as one of the coaches for the Serbian National Soccer Team.

But most importantly, with his time at the University, studying under professors with PhDs in bio-mechanics and sports physiology, he perfected a unique exercise technique directed at eliminating recurring pain.

Ian was very fortunate enough to receive the full benefit of this technique, in just one session lasting about 17 minutes Bojan completely eliminated Ian’s chronic back pain. Something he has been trying to accomplish for many years and spending thousands of dollars in the process.

Bojan was indeed in a unique position to marry the theoretical knowledge with understanding how to apply that knowledge to a body in motion.

Eventually, realizing the enormous benefit of this technique, Back Pain Relief 4 Life, later named My Back Pain Coach both Ian and Bojan quit their jobs as trainers to open their own facility, further testing and refining it. Needless to say, it was a huge success, they were fully booked for months, so they decided to create a full online program that would help people no matter where they lived.

In addition to reliving you of your back pain, the My Back Pain Coach (Back Pain Relief 4 Life) program has many other benefits:

  • Strengthening of your abs and core, which will augment your stability and balance
  • Improved posture, which drastically changes how you are perceived by others, both socially and sexually
  • Increased circulation and availability of nutrients in all parts of your body. This helps the body to heal itself more quickly.
  • Increased agility and an improved connection between your mind and your body enabling you to have greater awareness of potential issues you need to further work on.

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    happy to share this program to my friends who are suffering back pain

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    many thanks

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    Great relief! A must if you suffer from back pain.

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    The exercises are simple and keep me going from morning to night.

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