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MuscleCare Roll-On is a topical ointment designed to reduce pain and muscle tension, formulated by Dr. Chris Oswald.

MuscleCare Roll-On Review

MuscleCare Roll-On is a topical ointment designed to reduce pain and muscle tension. While other pain relief creams target the symptoms, the goal of MuscleCare Roll-On is to address ailments at their sources. Specifically, its aim is to alleviate the causes of muscle spasms, soreness in the extremities, join pains, and back aches.

Dr. Chris Oswald also possesses a desire to improve the lives of people who purchase this product beyond their physical afflictions. As he explains, pain can lead to debilitating irritability which might cause people to cancel plans and become lethargic due to inactivity.

Dr. Chris suggests the potential for ongoing issues occurring due to these pains inhibiting one’s ability to sleep. This inability to sleep possibly leads to increased irritability the next day, which can perpetuate an unpleasant cycle.

MuscleCare Roll-On is intended to rejuvenate the muscle tissues and stimulate their cellular processes which lead to recovery. Compounds such as lactic acid, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide causes pain and muscle tightness when the body’s metabolism is unable to prevent their build-up within the cells.

This natural ingredients with properties said to aid in the effectiveness of MuscleCare Roll-On as a pain relief cream are the following:

  • Magnesium (muscle relaxation)
  • Glucosamine (cartilage maintenance)
  • Camphor (blood flow)
  • Eucalyptus (soothing cooling effect)
  • Menthol (topical absorption and cooling effect)

Dr. Chris Oswald disavows components such as parabens and methyl salicylate in other pain relief products. He takes a firm stance against pharmaceutical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Voltaren, which he states that the American Gastroenterological Association warn are a risk for stomach ulcers.

To use the product, simply apply a small portion of MuscleCare Roll-On to afflicted muscles and joints one to three times a day, and relief can be expected within minutes! The greatest benefit to long-term recovery occurs when used for a minimum of thirty days.

Money-Back Guarantee

MuscleCare Roll-On ensures a “100% Money Back Triple Guarantee” if buyers do not experience instant day-long relief.

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