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Mobile White give you mobile teeth whitening whenever and wherever you need, conceived by Dr. Dorfman.

Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Review

Teeth whitening services are nice. If you’ve got the time then you can visit a dentist and walk out with incredibly white and clean teeth. What happens if you don’t have the time though? What happens when you need whiter teeth in half an hour for a meeting or a date? Well, in times like that, the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening system has you covered.

What is Mobile White Teeth Whitening?

Mobile White is a teeth whitening system powered by your phone or computer to give you mobile teeth whitening whenever and wherever you need. It can be used whenever you have your phone or computer handy as the LED-powered mouthpiece it uses is powered through USB power. Plug it in to your phone or computer and get to whitening your teeth.

How Does Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Work?

When the mobile teeth whitening package arrives at your door, you’ll find the mouthpiece, four syringes with 3ml of the whitening gel, mobile adapters for the power cord to use the device with your phone, and a handy carry case to keep it all in for true portability.

When the time comes to use one of the syringes and whiten your teeth, start out by applying the gel to the mouthpiece evenly. Plug the mouthpiece in to your device, push the timer button on the power cord, and pop the mouthpiece on to your teeth to begin the treatment.

You should keep the mouthpiece in for around 20 minutes. Mobile White, the company behind the kit, say that the 16 LED lights in the mouthpiece enhance the whitening process without doing any damage to gums or teeth. They claim that you can get completely white teeth in around 8 treatments, but one or two can produce some noticeable results. Individual results may vary, but the treatments begin their effectiveness after a few days.

The gel used to whiten teeth has three non-toxic ingredients in it. The primary ingredient in the gel is carbamide peroxide gel. That is the ingredient that whitens teeth and it’s the power behind the process.

One great thing about using this mobile solution for whitening your teeth is that there are no restrictions on the foods and drinks you can eat after completing a session. Of course, it helps avoid things that are known to stain teeth such as tea and coffee. Outside of that though, you have free reign to go back to living how you did and eating what you did.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening kit offers a solution for those who want to have their teeth whitened on their own time. You can complete the treatments whenever and wherever you want instead of being tied to your dentist. Get the teeth whitening results you want on your terms with a little help from the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening kit, complete with whitening gel, mouthpiece, charger, and carry case. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact to get a full refund.

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