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Mindful Body Program covers how to strengthen your mind to work with your body for a range of outcomes, particularly losing weight and being healthy.

Mindful Body Program Review

More and more people are waking up to the connection between the mind and body, and the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness is essentially the idea of taking care of your body and mind so that they take care of you. It’s about breaking bad habits and forming good ones for your overall health and wellbeing. The Mindful Body program by Leah Santa Cruz helps to obtain this elusive mindful body.

What is the Mindful Body Program?

Leah Santa Cruz began work on the Mindful Body Program when she realised it was time she changed some things in her life. She fell victim to substance abuse and her health was compromised. She decided that it was time to take control of her life again. The program covers the steps she did to restore her own mindfulness to help others do the same.

The guide covers how to strengthen your mind to work with your body for a range of outcomes, particularly losing weight and being healthy. What sets the Mindful Body Program apart from other weight loss programs is that everything begins with the mind. You are still able to eat the foods you enjoy, to a degree.

How Does the Mindful Body Program Work?

It sounds a little farfetched, but the reality is that you can work towards – and achieve – mindfulness. The program is designed to help you ignore the emotions that come with cravings and recognise that they are just that; cravings. It’s not something your body needs right now. It’s something you feel you need. Moving past that is a great start.

There are parts of the brain that make you feel you need a particular food or drink, when in reality you just want it. You can eliminate the feelings of need, and are thus less likely to indulge them. That way you can start eating healthy and exercising, which are the two keys to weight loss success. All in all, the Mindful Body Program is about living a healthy lifestyle.

When you order the Mindful Body Program, you will get several videos; from introduction videos to beginner tips, tips on finding happiness, how to eat mindfully, how to beat anxiety and cravings, and so much more. Making the bulk of the program video content was a good idea because it becomes easy to follow along with. The program is also managed entirely online, so you can bookmark the website or download the videos onto your computer or other devices. What you do with the content is entirely up to you, but it’s great to have the option to access it whenever and wherever you want.

The program also comes with written instructions to get you started, including a 4-week plan for mindfully achieving health and weight loss goals. Research has shown that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. If you can stick to that guide, your healthy choices will be embedded as habits and be much easier for you to do.


There really is no underestimating the power of the human mind. Mind over matter is a thing because we understand we can overcome just about anything with the right mindset. The Mindful Body Program can help you get started when you’re ready.

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