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Millionaire’s Brain Academy forms that foundation of new habits and way of thinking about money, through 4 core steps and daily mental exercises.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review

Becoming rich is every man’s fantasy, as it is the only way to truly experience all that life has to offer, without the barrier of means – money.

Human reality is determined by money in almost every aspect: health, security, stability, happiness, romance. Sure, one can revert to living without money, but there is a reason why for the majority of mankind life expectancy was measly 30 years. Other people build up the modern civilization, and it exists only because people have come up with a way to measure their mutually beneficial interactions with money.

Winter Valco, a former computer programmer who experienced many pitfalls and ups in life, explores the ways which determine who gets to be rich in life.

What is the difference between a person who goes to seminars, reads a lot of books, tries to perfect himself and expand his skillset every waking moment but still struggles with money…and a person who does all of that, or less, but money comes easily?

We all know of people who are wildly successful despite putting much less effort in it, how can that be?

The truth of the matter is that successful people have different mental and emotional reflexes – a different mindset – and this mindset creates different mental and emotional habits, which all lead to consistent actions every waking moment, actions that lead to wealth.

Therefore, when it’s all equal they are the ones who succeed.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy aims to install that mindset into your brain, like you would upgrade a piece of software.

No matter if you want a job promotion, start a new business, or just repay that huge debt as quickly as possible, this program will give you the tools to change how your brain thinks about every facet of acquiring money.

Winter bases the program on 4 core steps which build upon each other, but the foundation of the program is what he calls a “Total Alignment”.

Most people who are always in some financial struggle have an erroneous default perspective when it comes to money:

  • They think about money in negative terms, it makes them stressed, angry, depressed or even guilty.
  • Most importantly, they don’t actually think about making wealth but instead how they are always broke. This is a very important distinction to understand.

All this means is that they are not in Total Alignment, so they always engage in the same habits which got them there in the first place.

Through 4 core steps and many mental exercises to be done daily, Millionaire’s Brain Academy is designed to form that foundation of new habits and way of thinking about money.

The complete program consists of the following items:

  • The Millionaire’s Brain Manual – learn how to gain 7 key thoughts, habits and attitudes that millionaires have.
  • Millionaire Mindset – “entrainment” audios solidify and deepen the newly emerging perspective.
  • Brain Optimizer worksheet – 16 page brain exercise guide.
  • The Money Code – making money is one thing but how to make it work for you is another ballgame entirely.

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