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Metabolic Flora is a Bifidobacterium Breve B-3 supplement that supports healthy weight management.

Metabolic Flora Review

Metabolic Flora is a probiotic supplement that may help you in your commitment to lose weight. Your weight is not completely determined by your genetics, it’s also determined by your gut. All of us have a gut microbiome, with almost 100 trillion bacteria living in our intestines. Among the different functions these bacteria perform, they “control” many of your genes. They can tell certain genes to “switch on” or “switch off”.

You might have heard about probiotics, those bacteria that have a lot of health benefits. There is a specific probiotic called Bifidobacterium Breve B-3, or B. breve for short, discovered by Dr. Junichi Minami and found mainly in babies and breast milk. Infants have a great amount of this probiotic but adults have very little. In short, the Bifidobacterium Breve B-3 may allow to reactivate the “fat-burning switch” in your body.

But it also comes with other benefits: aids healthy immune functions, supports in maintaining your skin hydrated and looking young, and stimulates a balanced digestive system.

Metabolic Flora is a supplement that has as a principal ingredient, Bifidobacterium Breve B-3, and also includes in its formula two ancient probiotic boosters.

Who Is Alex Del Pizzo?

Alex Del Pizzo is the creator of Metabolic Flora. He has been a health coach for the last ten years helping people to enhance their metabolism.

He heard about the studies of the Dr. Minami referring to the Bifidobacterium Breve B-3 and was amazed by his discovery. Then, he got into association with Simple Promise to develop the most pure and potent forms of B. Breve available: Metabolic Flora.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the results of Metabolic Flora just let Simple Promise know within 365 days of having acquired the product, you only have to send back your empty bottles and you’ll receive a full refund of your money immediately.

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