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MetaboFix is designed to help get your metabolism working in high gear and support your weight loss goals.

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MetaboFix Review

MetaboFix is a drink mix designed to help get your metabolism working in high gear and support your weight loss goals. Simply add a spoonful to a glass of water every morning. If needed, you can also take it in the afternoon or after dinner.

Through consistent use, it promotes:

  • Burning fat
  • Prevention of new fat
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental focus

MetaboFix Ingredients

With all the weight loss products out there, you may be wondering what is in MetaboFix that makes it different from others.

  • 26 polyphenol extracts, including green mango, aronia berries, mulberry fruit, and cinnamon bark as well as shilajit extract and black pepper fruit extract
  • 3 billion digestive enzymes
  • 9 metabolic fat burners

This focus on a variety of polyphenols is the main focus of MetaboFix.

How Does MetaboFix Work?

Based on research published by Dr. Yvonne Carson, polyphenols are critical to your mitochondria’s ability to burn body fat.

As you age, more and more of your mitochondria start dying off or stop working as efficiently. As the power producers for the cells in your body, this change affects your overall metabolism and energy levels.

Polyphenols sustain your mitochondria levels and keep them healthy. A study from the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions showed they have the potential to cause weight loss in overweight individuals by significant levels.

These plant compounds also aid in stopping your body from absorbing fat in the first place and are thermogenic, meaning they promote burning fat.

Who is Matt Stirling?

Matt Stirling is a personal nutrition coach and a fitness trainer from Canada with a Bachelor’s degree and associated with Gold Vida. He discovered polyphenols while researching how to help his wife who was struggling to lose weight. He’s confident enough in MetaboFix to offer a money-back guarantee with every order.

Money-Back Guarantee

Hesitant to order? MetaboFix comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, return it to Gold Vida within 60 days for a full, hassle-free refund.

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