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Mend The Marriage is a 3-tiered method to covertly rewire the perception of your partner, created by Brad Browning, a renowned relationship coach.

Mend The Marriage Review

In a time when divorce rates oscillate between half of all marriages and more than half, do you want to join that ignoble statistic or do you want to rise above the failure of others?

Brad Browning, relationship coach otherwise known under the nickname “Divorce Geek”, has a unique step-by-step system designed to bring back the sexual and emotional chemistry that’s been long lost.

In order to understand what went wrong and what not to do when trying to fix a marriage, Brad lays out 3 mistakes:

  • Believing that you can talk your way out of a marriage crisis. Although communication is important, lack of it is not directly responsible for killing your marriage. Instead, what you need to do is thoroughly transform how to interact with your wife, via a special technique called the Immediate Impact Actions.
  • You don’t need your partner to be involved in the process of re-building the marriage. In many ways, it’s actually better if you take the first steps on your own because it gives you time to re-wire your spouse’s perception of you, and rebuild attraction on a subconscious level before they become aware of what’s happening.
  • Constantly reminding your spouse of all the problems that are plaguing your marriage. This line of communication just further reinforces the belief that the marriage is damaged, or even doomed, evoking bitterness and resentment.

Obviously, instead of stirring up the memories of existing problems, you should instead try to suppress negative memories and focus on those memories when the relationship was in its initial “magical” phase.

Therefore, Brad has a 3-tiered method to covertly rewire the perception of your partner:

  1. Use Immediate Impact Actions to re-shape your partner’s image of you, putting their mind in a different emotional state, far removed from negativity currently plaguing your marriage.
  2. Stop using logic and reasoning and start tapping into your partner’s emotions. All the fruitless communication you have been engaging up until now – bickering, pointless arguing – has been speaking to your partner’s left side of the brain, the rational half.
  3. Use “Big 6 Bond Builders” to ensure your spouse never thinks about leaving you again.

In addition to the main Mend The Marriage program by Brad Browning you will receive the following FREE bonuses:

  • The Mend The Marriage: Video Series
  • Infidelity Survival Guide
  • Children and Divorce
  • Marriage Money Matters

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