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Memory Rejuv by Dr. Baumgartner is a scientifically-backed memory solution using methods to preserve and strength your brain to remain efficient.

Memory Rejuv Review

There comes a point in almost everyone’s lives when they get worried about their memory. Or they get worried about the memory of someone they love. If you are concerned about your memory or just want to protect it for the long-term to prevent issues such as dementia then consider the Memory Rejuv program by Dr. Joel Baumgartner.

What is Memory Rejuv?

Memory Rejuv is a scientifically-backed memory solution using methods to preserve and strength your brain to remain efficient. The program looks at natural solutions to the problem of memory issues. Dr Baumgartner and his team put a lot of research into the program and making sure it addresses the real root cause of memory problems.

What do you get with Memory Rejuv?

You’ll discover a wealth of tasty food and other steps that are proven to prevent age-related memory decline, if not completely reverse it. A study from UCLA shows that 9 out of 10 individuals between 55 and 75 in different stages of dementia saw significant improvement in their condition after following the protocol.

Included in the Memory Rejuv program is information on how fish oil boosts brain function and increases brain size. Not only is fish oil important it gets more and more important as you get older as the brain is known to shrink as each year passes.

Dr. Joel Baumgartner’s Memory Rejuv comes with a list of the best and worst foods or your brain. This includes foods that are known to improve or reduce brain function, memory retrieval, and decision-making skills. A number of the foods on the bad foods list are considered to be healthy too.

The brain requires a large amount of specific amino acids in order to properly create and store memories. The problem is that the older you get the more your natural levels of these amino acids declines. This makes it difficult to remember even simple things. Brain Rejuv contains information on where to get the amino acid along with recipes for delicious meals that contain it, such as the Ageless Brain Cocktail. There is actually a connection between the gut and brain health that Dr. Baumgartner gets into.

You’ll learn about tricks you can use to reduce mental blanks and boost mental acuity such as movements to relieve mental stress and boost focus and cognitive function. There are tips on removing the anxiety and emotional baggage that are making even simple tasks feel complicated.

Memory Rejuv details how to boost your brain power through sleeping according to research from the University of Notre Dame and Boston College. The research showed that people who slept more were better able to organize their memories and configure them to gain new insights and creative ideas from them.


The Brain Rejuv program from Dr. Joel Baumgartner contains just about everything you could need to know about boosting brain power and keeping the brain in fighting shape. There are lots of things that are attacking your brain, so defend yourself against them with the tips and tricks of Brain Rejuv.

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