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Membership Method gives a full training program that teaches you how to start and grow your own membership website.

Membership Method Review

How many memberships would you say you have? Millions of people have memberships with gyms or with streaming services such as Netflix. Have you ever thought about how much those membership services make, most of which come from people who sometimes forget they even have a membership? What if you could make your own membership service? Membership Method by Chris Luck shows you just how to do that.

What is Chris Luck’s Membership Method?

Membership Method is a program where users are given a full training program that teaches them how to start and grow their own membership website. It helps people who want to create a website where members will pay subscription fees. Membership Method was created by Chris Luck, an online entrepreneur that has been dealing with online businesses since 1999 and has plenty of experience in the field.

What do you Learn with Membership Method?

Membership Method is a five week course filled with different modules. Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • Week 1: Profit Plan – The modules in the first week are all about brainstorming your idea and understanding what you need. You’ll use things like the Magazine Benchmark Test to expand on your ideas and learn more about taking advantage of social media to be successful right out of the gate. The final step in the module is confirming you have a successful idea on your hands.
  • Week 2: Power Positioning – Week 2 is about putting yourself in the best position for success. You’ll take steps to identify your ideal customer and how you plan on delivering content – and how often content should be delivered. This is where you define your unique selling proposition and choose a good name for the site.
  • Week 3: Success System – Week 3 gets you set up for success. You’ll choose the best hosting server that meets your needs; you’ll set up the software for your membership site; configure your email automation system, and more. This is also where you’ll be presented with examples of some of the best membership site ideas and their wireframes.
  • Week 4: Content Creation – Content is king with membership sites. Week 4 of the course looks at how to structure and create content. This includes learning how to use automated content curation software and how to resell and reuse existing content. Knowing when to publish content is also important. Chris Luck even includes a “Done for You” service here that gets you started in a hurry.
  • Week 5: Traffic Tunnels – Last but not least comes traffic generation. In week five, you’ll learn the secrets of membership sites including buying traffic, becoming an authority on Facebook, gaining members from public forums, running a podcast, and more. A subscription website is worthless without visitors and subscribers after all. Members are the lifeblood of your website, which is why it’s so important to take the lessons from this week and apply them.

Money-Back Guarantee

Owning and operating your own membership site can be a lucrative business. At least, if handled properly. Membership Method by Chris Luck shows you just how to put together a website of your own. You’ll learn all the essentials of establishing an online presence and encouraging memberships for a website that practically runs itself. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Chris Luck to get a full refund.

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