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Magnetic Messaging shows you how to craft “magnetic” text messages to quickly engage a woman, standing out from all the other guys to get laid.

Magnetic Messaging: Key Lock Sequence Review

Getting romantic or sexual traction with girls and women these days is becoming increasingly more difficult. Instead of belaboring why that is the case, you need to focus on gaining an “unfair” advantage above the other guys who are seeking the same thing as you are: companionship, love, sex.

Magnetic Messaging: Key Lock Sequence is one such system, focusing entirely on crafting your language with a laser precision to accomplish exactly what you want, and targeting the most common vessel over which this interaction transpires – text messaging via smartphones or other computers.

Bobby Rio, who has a reputation of a “go to guy” for seeking advice on how to get a woman’s attention, while successful with girls in real life, texting was always his Achilles’ heel. Talking to someone in real life includes a myriad of subtle cues, verbal and non-verbal, which are all lost when transported to flirtation via texting.

This is where Rob Judge comes in, who has been able to consistently turn phone numbers into dates, from women who have hundreds of other guys breathing down their necks. After Bobby and Rob met up, Rob shared with him his iPhone archive and how exactly his Key Lock Sequence works.

Eventually, Bobby, with the help of Rob, managed to translate what you do in front of a girl to words on a screen, to elicit the same emotions.

This is based on a couple of principles which deal with most common misconceptions when approaching a woman:

Attraction is not black or white, it is not the case of – she either wants you or she doesn’t. That’s not how it works. Her opinion of you can change with time, be it a year or an hour. Good news is that even if you didn’t make a stellar first impression you can potentially still win her over and get her wanting you.

Even if you are not her “type”, she sees you as her friend, or if you had sent her an embarrassing text message.

The bad news is that just because a girl has given you her number, told you to call her, or even if you had already been on a date with her…does not automatically mean that you will ever see her again.

What it really means is that you got her initial interest and attraction towards you. From this point on you enter a window of opportunity which closes rapidly.

So simply put, how do you turn her on so that by the time she meets you she is already eager to go to the bedroom with you?

How Does Magnetic Messaging Work

The answer lies in the simple truth about the so called chemistry and attraction.

Emotions = attention, any time you create an emotional state in a woman you have gained her attention. Emotions also act as an “Attraction Anchor”, for example, if you have sent her an emotional text, any time she pulls her phone and looks at it she gets the exact same reaction. Your goal is to spark an emotion, and turn that attention into a meet up as quickly as possible.

In order to capture a woman’s attention and create a mental monopoly where she can’t stop herself from meeting with you, she needs to receive three specific text messages, called the Key Lock Sequence:

  1. You send her an emotional text that immediately grabs her attention and has her anticipating what comes next. This text shows her that you are different and exciting, and gets her to see you as an attractive, charismatic and fun guy. This draws her flirtatious side which sets the tone for all future interactions.
  2. You need to bond with her in a way that has her imagining spending time with you in the future and feeling an emotional connection that goes beyond casual flirtation. This text lets her know that you get her.
  3. You plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind, so that she begins to crave and imagine it, and definitely not put you in a friend-zone. This text shows her that you are the kind of guy that makes it happen. Your ability to spend days texting her interesting things and convincing her you are a good guy does not come into account. Instead, it’s your ability to monopolize her attention. Keeping her attention is not bombarding her with phone messages, like an annoying fly buzzing around.

In the Magnetic Messaging: Key Lock Sequence program you fill find out that the Key Lock Sequence allows you to:

  • Quickly get a date with a girl you just met
  • Turn things around on a girl who is losing interest
  • Spark things up with a girl who “got away”

What You Will Get From Magnetic Messaging

You will get specific examples, templates, and prescribed texts for all the following situations:

  • How to craft the perfect language for a “radar text”, the initial text that makes her think about you when you are not communicating
  • How to use shredder texts to destroy objections, flakiness, or bad behavior
  • How to use a “couple compliment” text to build a sense of connection
  • How to craft a “no big deal” text, where you learn how to use subtext into making her thing you are a cool, socially intelligent guy
  • How to create a text that ignites “bottled up” sexual attention
  • How to respond to the “who is this” text?
  • The only way to answer to “what do you like” text
  • How to handle when she doesn’t respond
  • 3 ways to combat the “I’m sick, I’m tired, or I have work” excuse
  • How soon and what to text her before the day before the date
  • How to ignite an old number
  • “Flake Buster” text that ensures she won’t flake on the day of the date
  • How to use a few simple texts to get her chasing you
  • The right way to be funny over texts
  • How to shift gears and transition into a more flirty dialog, while making it seem like it was her idea
  • How soon to text a girl after your first date
  • How soon to text a girl after you sleep with her
  • How to drop sexual words into your messages to make her horny
  • How to heat things up over the phone and start sexting
  • How to get a girl to send her naked pictures of herself
  • Threesome text: how to talk your girl into a threesome with a few simple text messages
  • How to use “Phone Game” to solidify and electrify the moments you spend together

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