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Magic Submitter is all-in-one submission software that promises to skyrocket your search engine rankings, and one of those few autopilot SEO tools that is not affected by the recent Google updates.

Magic Submitter Review

In order for almost any business to be successful today, it has to have an online presence. And that online presence is largely determined by the ranking of the website that represents your business to the world.

Unfortunately, internet marketing is extremely saturated with most content receiving only a sliver of attention required.

This is where Magic Submitter, the most powerful traffic wizard in the world, comes in. Created by Alex Krulik, software developer and online marketing expert with over 15 years of experience, Magic Submitter offers you an opportunity to rank any website, article, blog, video, press release or any content whatsoever. Whether you want it ranked at number one on Google, Yahoo or Bing, it achieves so in mere minutes thanks to its autopilot prowess.

Magic submitter enables you to:

  • create hundreds of accounts
  • submit any content to over 2000 sites
  • automatically verify accounts
  • automatically solve captchas
  • instantly confirm delivery

In addition, it can syndicate and backlink to articles, blogs, social sites, videos, bookmark sites, RSS feeds, forums, WordPress and PDF sites. To further make you favorable among the search engine algorithms, it offers a spun text submission so your content remains 100% original and unique.

It will also organize your links and instantly ping links to notify the search engine about your new online content. And if you require larger engagement over longer period of time, Magic Submitter can create link campaigns, after which it can create detailed reports.

It is a common misconception that only whoever has the most backlinks wins in online marketing. There are in fact 3 most important elements to top ranking in search engines like Google:

  • number of backlinks
  • variety of backlinks
  • consistency of backlinks

This is because not all backlinks are counted; only the ones deemed important are. Magic Submitter does this crucial, expert level work for you.

In a super saturated market, constantly inundated with new content, you need an unfair advantage to make any headway and there is no more advanced software to accomplish this task other than Magic submitter.

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