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Maelys B-Tight boosts the calorie burning process and improve the firmness and tightness of your thighs and butt.

Maelys B-Tight Review

Obesity is becoming an increasingly common problem in developed countries. The primary cause of obesity is eating too much and moving too little. Everyone wants a curvy body but getting one can present some challenges, least of all which is eating better. If you want a little help achieving slim thighs and a great butt, then you may want to consider trying B-Tight from Maelys Cosmetics.

What is Maelys B-Tight?

B-Tight is a mask cream packed full of natural ingredients including guarana and red grapefruit extract. These ingredients boost the calorie burning process and improve the firmness and tightness of your thighs and butt. The ingredients are all natural and have been tested for their safety and effectiveness, meaning that the chances of side effects are slim to nil.

How Does B-Tight Work?

According to Maelys, B-Tight gets to work faster than similar booty masks. It helps eliminate fat built up around your thighs and butt. It can also manage cellulite to make skin firmer and tighter than it was before. It boosts the metabolism to restore skin health and firmness.

Applying the cream to your thighs and butt can help eliminate extra fat from these areas. It can leave you with a slim and trim butt that boosts your confidence wearing shorts and tight clothes. It improves skin elasticity by countering these calories. It clears toxins out of the skin to leave you looking more beautiful and radiant than ever.

Benefits of B-Tight

B-Tight may offers the following benefits, but note that individual results may vary:

  • Metabolism – Foods that are rich in calories deposit fat in the thighs, hips, waistline, and butt. These fats make you put on weight and they can do a lot of harm. The B-Tight booty mask can speed up the metabolism to help burn through fat in these areas to give you a slimmer and better toned butt.
  • Improves Skin Elasticity – The skin around your booty can be dry and rough because it’s – almost – always covered by clothes. B-Tight helps make the skin around the butt and thighs softer with increased elasticity. It leaves skin feeling firm and tight. Wear the tight clothes that you want to without worrying about getting dry skin or a rash.
  • Eliminate Cellulite – Fats from the foods you eat are deposited primarily in the hips and thighs. These fats can make you look bad and leave you unable to wear tight or revealing clothing like bikinis. This crema reduces cellulite and gives you a slim, toned figure.
  • Tightens Skin – As well as burning through fat, this cream helps to tighten skin around the thighs and butt. Some products actually loosen skin by eliminating fat, but not this one.
  • Flush Out Toxins – The cream contains antioxidants such as caffeine extract. Getting rid of toxins makes it easier to get rid of fat and leaves your skin looking beautiful.
  • Get the Perfect Butt – B-Tight helps eliminate excess body weight from the thighs and butt. It gives you the butt that you’ve dreamed of having.


You already use a face mask to lift your face, so why not use a booty mask to lift and tighten your butt? Maelys’ B-Tight has what you need to get rid of cellulite, fat, and toxins to leave behind a great looking butt.

Maelys B-Tight Coupon Code

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