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Lost Empire Herbs is made from clinically tested natural ingredients that have shown to be effective at improving sexual performance.

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Review

With all of the herbal supplements available for health, it’s surprising how many important herbs can be overlooked. Pine pollen is one such herb. It is perhaps the most underrated herb there is. As the name suggests, pine pollen comes from pine trees. Lost Empires Herbs have collected the very best pine pollen around and turned it into their Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen.

What is Pine Pollen from Lost Empire Herbs?

Lost Empire Herbs Pollen Powder is one of the latest powerhouse supplements on the market. It’s packed full of non-irradiated, wild harvested pinus massoniana pollen that help improve sexual performance.. The supplement is made from clinically tested natural ingredients that have shown to be effective at what they do without the risk of side effects.

Pine Pollen Benefits

The pine pollen in Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen offers a whole host of benefits. It contains important active components that stimulate the following effects and benefits with a reduced risk of negative side effects.

  • Hormonal Support – The hormonal support benefits are powered by all of the nutrients contained in the supplement that promote the release of free testosterone. All of this free testosterone builds muscle and improves overall sexual performance and stamina for men.
  • Immunity – Pine pollen helps to produce more RBCs and WBCS in the human body. This means that it improves resistance to harmful agents like bacteria and toxins to boost overall immunity.
  • Nootropic Benefits – One of the most underrated aspects of Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen is that it helps to boost the vitality of the Central Nervous System. By delivering key nutrients to the brain, it improves awareness, concentration, and focus.
  • Detoxification – When Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen is taken regularly as recommended, it helps cleanse internal organs and supports detoxification. It also contains mild laxatives that help to eliminate waste problems that could be happening in your liver and intestines. Don’t discount the benefits of a good deep clean.
  • Skin Health – The antioxidants in the formula help to boost skin health, leaving it looking younger and more radiant than ever before.
  • Cholesterol Regulation – Another of the more underrated aspects of Pine Pollen is that it is able to gradually eliminate lipid accumulation within the veins and arteries. Basically, it gets rid of fat and bad cholesterol that is clogging arteries. By helping to control cholesterol levels like this, pine pollen lets us live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


There are many supplements out there that provide health benefits. There are some vital herbs that go overlooked though, and aren’t given the attention they deserve. Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen gives you all the benefits of one of the most underrated ingredients – pine pollen – in a handy supplement. Enjoy benefits such as hormonal regulation, better skin, improved health and well-being, and more with this potent supplement made from high quality pine pollen.

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