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Living Well Thin Mist is a weight loss spray that help you lose weight by boosting metabolic rate without having to stick to a strict exercise routine.

Living Well Thin Mist Review

Losing weight can be a long and arduous process. Sometimes it feels like the weight never comes off, no matter how hard you try. Unfortunately, losing weight is not a very simple process. There are lots of different factors involved including hormone levels and metabolic rate. Weight loss supplements such as ThinMist get your body back in fat burning mode to help you lose weight.

What is ThinMist?

ThinMist is a weight loss spray that helps users to lose weight by boosting HGH production and metabolic rate without having to stick to a strict diet and exercise routine. The supplement is a product of the Healthy Back Institute, who are known for their supplements. At the very least, you can be sure this comes from a trusted brand.

How Does ThinMist Work?

The Living Well Thin Mist weight loss spray is made from all-natural ingredients that work synergistically to increase levels of human growth hormone in the body. This doesn’t mean it is an HGH alternative however, as it only increases HGH production in the pituitary gland. HGH is an important hormone in the body, used to regulate a number of bodily processes including metabolism and physical growth.

Everyone knows that having a higher metabolic rate helps to burn fat, but the problem is that he HGH levels decrease as we get older. This can cause metabolism to slow down and it makes it harder for our body to lose weight effectively. ThinMist restores the balance of HGH to regulate the metabolic process and get your body burning fat once again.

What’s Inside a Bottle of ThinMist?

Living Well Thin Mist contains several important ingredients that are worth mentioning to help you understand just how it helps boost HGH levels in the body. The first thing to note, is that the spray contains three kinds of amino acids that are known to regulate bodily processes in order to trigger the natural fat burning abilities of the human body. L-arginine is known to boost creatine levels in muscles while also helping to improve blood circulation. L-tyrosine is responsible for suppressing appetite and increasing adrenaline production. L-valine helps in the development of muscles, muscles which are essential to accelerating fat burning

Outside of these amino acids, ThinMist also contains chromium which is needed to regulate blood sugar levels and boost insulin sensitivity the more sensitive your body is to insulin, the more fat it can burn and convert into energy to keep you going. This is why overweight people with high resistance to insulin are commonly prescribed chromium supplements.

Living Well Thin Mist also contains three of the best ingredients for building muscle and burning fat. It contains gamma amino butyric acid – or GABA – which works as a stress reliever and muscle relaxant. The DHEA in the supplement boosts metabolism to increase fat burning, and the Elk Antler Velvet is known to boost immunity while increasing muscle mass and density.


Lots of people rely on weight loss supplements to lose weight. What separates ThinMist from the others is the delivery method. As a spray, ThinMist is able to more effectively deliver its active ingredients, making it more effective. It is made from all natural ingredients known to boost weight loss and metabolism, and comes protected with a full money back guarantee.

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