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Life Mastery Accelerator applies a high-achiever mindset with proven strategies and adequate mentorship directed by Stefan James.

Life Mastery Accelerator Review

Life Mastery Accelerator is a monthly mentoring program directed by Stefan James, where people are guaranteed to get better at every aspect of their life by acquiring and applying a high-achiever mindset with proven strategies and adequate mentorship.

  • A right mindset to learn and apply new ideas and strategies that can impact your life for the better.
  • A caring and supportive mentor whose guidance will help you achieve mastery in all areas of their lives.
  • An unrelenting commitment to apply and achieve mastery.

He also takes into consideration the qualities of a “dabbler”: someone with distractions, laziness, fear, doubt, ego, and more, that will stop him/her from achieving mastery.

Life Mastery Accelerator program has been designed with those matters in mind, and thus, offers the following:

Live Monthly Coaching Webcast with Q&A

Consists on a monthly live session with Stefan James himself, and will get to ask and receive answers from Stefan himself.

These lessons regarding health, fitness, emotions, mindset, beliefs, relationships, finances, business, career, social life, or spirituality cannot be neglected, and participants must commit to constantly improve in them.

If you miss the live Q&A training sessions for Life Mastery Accelerator, you will be able to review them on a members-area and view the recorded session there.

Life Mastery Training Video & Audio Series

You will have access to in-depth video and audio training by Stefan James.
This digital content reach a wide variety of topics that will help you in several aspects of their lives.

The Life Mastery Accelerator program also includes bonus content, such as:

  • The Mastery Mentality – This consists on a 60+ minute video where Stefan James talks about the required mindset for the Life Mastery Accelerator to work, as well as any other endeavor you decided to tackle, being this the foundation on how you should deal with projects in their daily lives in order to achieve mastery.
  • The Life Mastery Blueprint – Here, Stefan James introduces you to the Life Mastery Management System (LMMS), which is a customized framework to manage every part of your life in order to achieve Life Mastery.
  • Weekly Evaluation Ritual – On this training video, part of the Life Mastery Management System, you will learn on how to set-up a system that will help you to review the results achieved during the week and make sure the goals are being met.
  • Private Facebook Group – This consists on a membership to a private Facebook group, where you will have access to a network of like-minded people.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you doesn’t like the Life Mastery Accelerator program, you can opt out during the first 30 days and get a full refund. You can also opt-out any other time, but the previous months provided would not be refunded.

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