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KONNEX ET15 is a survival shovel specifically designed with durability, resistance and portability in mind.

What Is the KONNEX ET15?

KONNEX ET15 is designed to be a tactical survival shovel, made from 440 stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminium plating, along with the possibility for another 11 additional configurations besides a survival shovel.

It can be used in quite a wide variety of scenarios, but some of them include:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Four Wheel Driving
  • Dirt Bike/Quad Bike Riding
  • Around A Farm
  • Bugging Out
  • For Jobs Around The Home

And pretty much any other outdoor task!

What Makes the KONNEX ET15 So Special?

The KONNEX ET15, like many other EVATAC products has a tactical focus, and it’s designed, built and tested to be a top-of-the-game product that guarantees your satisfaction by keeping in mind several principles of portability, usability and durability, specially important when talking about a tactical survival shovel.

Its body is built from 440 stainless steel, which guarantees extended usage and resistance against abuse.

The shaft is built from aircraft-grade lightweight aluminium, which makes it lighter while maintaining a high-performing standard.

With simple tweaks, it can be set-up to achieve 11 additional different tasks that will multiply its value and make it even more useful.

What are the additional set-ups for the KONNEX ET15?

The KONNEX ET15 by EVATAC and brought to you by Ape Survival, can be set-up in 11+ different special uses, which radically expand its main purpose as a tactical survival shovel.

  1. A gardening hoe, by flipping it’s head 90°, which can be used to take care of your garden, or digging trenches if the time calls for it.
  2. It can be used as a sharp, durable axe for chopping down trees or simply cutting fallen ones.
  3. It also includes a ferro rod that can spark at 3000 degrees and help you get that fire started with minimum effort.
  4. A 120db emergency whistle, which can be used to call for help or communication with minimal effort.
  5. A razor-sharp stainless-steel blade that can be used to either start a fire along with the ferro rod or just cutting away things like timber from wood.
  6. A double-edged saw blade.
  7. A flat-head & phillips-head screwdriver.
  8. A built-in ruler for measuring.
  9. Two Hex sockets to help tightening or loosening nuts & bolts.
  10. A built-in compass.
  11. A bottle opener.

Money Back Guarantee

Ape Survival guarantees your satisfaction with this KONNEX, since it has been tested and tried to meet high quality and customer satisfaction standards.
However, it the product doesn’t meet your expectations, fall short for what you need it for or you’re simply unhappy with the results, you can use the 60-day money back guarantee that will make sure you’re making the right decision when buying this product!

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