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Kickboxer Abs 2.0 explores how to safely and effectively flatten your stomach and reveal your abs, based on the secrets of the kickboxer Mike Zhang.

Kickboxer Abs 2.0 Review

Everyone dreams of having a flat stomach and abs. We all dream of that well-defined sixpack. It seems impossible for some people, though. They look at actors and fighters with their well-defined abs and wonder how they do it. Kickboxer Mike Zhang understands the struggle of trying to get – and keep a – well-defined sixpack. Now he reveals his secrets through the Kickboxer Abs 2.0 program.

What is Kickboxer Abs 2.0?

Mike understands it may not be your fault that you are unable to get the abs of your dreams. Unfortunately, the exercises you are doing may actually be making it harder for you. Kickboxer Abs 2.0 explores how to safely and effectively flatten your stomach and reveal your abs.

What do you Learn with Kickboxer Abs 2.0?

Use Kickboxer Abs 2.0 to boost your metabolism and triggering afterburn effect. The sequences in the guide are designed to boost your metabolic rate and trigger the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for Excess Poster Exercise Oxygen Consumption and it basically means that your body continues to burn fat even after exercising. You’ll also learn how to boost the levels of the fat burning hormone leptin and how to control levels of the stress hormone cortisol, both of which are needed to shed belly fat and reveal defined abs.

Kickboxer Abs 2.0 is broken down into three phases. The first phase is the foundation phase. This phase gives your body the chance to become familiar with all the different workouts. It is designed for beginners and intermediate-level users as it helps you to ease into the workouts. This is a key stage as it allows you to train and perform the more advanced workouts without injuring your tendons and muscles.

The next phase is the pre-burn phase. As your body enters this phase you’ll move to exercising to balance out your hormone levels and prepare for the after-burn phase. It gets your body burning fat even after working out. The key behind Kickboxer Abs 2.0 is being able to burn fat around the clock and achieving a maximum muscular activation.

The third and final phase is the After-Burn Phase. This is when your body truly burns fat around the clock. This stage involves focusing on building well-defined abs by exercising to sculpt out your midsection. The third phase is when all the small tweaks needed to achieve the perfect result are made.

Kickboxer Abs 2.0 isn’t all about having a well-defined stomach though. Mike also looks at how to alleviate lower back pain. A major cause of lower back pain is improperly training your core and having week core muscles. You’ll learn a range of movements that can release the tension in your lower back to improve your mobility and get rid of your pain.


If you want to have the abs of a kickboxer then you need to be training like one. It’s not as hard as you might think, as Mike shows you a range of different exercises you can use to flatten your stomach and achieve the defined 6-pack abs you’ve always wanted to have.

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