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KDL Sniper will help you get started with Kindle Direct Publishing even if you don’t have any ideas for a story, created by Martin Price.

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KDL Sniper Review

Everyone understands what big business selling on Amazon is. There are lots of stories out there of people who have made a living by becoming Amazon affiliates or opening up dropshipping businesses. It’s daunting to consider trying to enter an already crowded market like that, but there is another niche on Amazon that has yet to be really exploited. That would be Kindle Direct Publishing. The best way to navigate the world of KDP is through the KDL Sniper by Martin Price.

What is KDL Sniper?

They say everyone has a good story in them. The problem is that having a good story doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get published. This has led to the rise in self-publishing, and the Kindle has become the marketplace of choice for self-published authors. There are a lot of nuances to getting noticed and actually selling your book though, which is where KDL Sniper comes in. It teaches you how to laser-focus your book to get it noticed and help it sell.

What do you Learn from KDL Sniper?

KDL Sniper will help you get started with Kindle Direct Publishing even if you don’t have any ideas for a story. The ebook that you put on the platform can be about literally anything. The most important thing is targeting the title, description, keywords, and other important details of your book. Think of it like search engine optimization. KDL Sniper shows you how to optimize your book to get it noticed and encourage sales.

Not a writer or don’t have the time to become one? KDL Sniper has you covered. One of the secrets of KDL Sniper is learning more about ghostwriting; finding other people to write books for you that you then sell on. There’s no shame in using a ghost writer. Even many famous authors have admitted to using them. These people will do all the work while you sell the book under your name.

KDL Sniper gets you started as quickly as possible. You’ll learn how to get your KDP account set up in minutes, how to create great content (the books still have to be worth buying after all), and how to go about selling them and ensuring they sell. The guide covers everything so clearly and succinctly that you should have no problems following along, even if you’ve got little experience using the internet or Amazon itself. Martin made sure to explain everything simply.


KDL Sniper comes with just about everything you could need to know about Amazon Kindle Publishing, even if you’ve got no experience writing books yourself. The guide covers how to find ghost writers who will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is sell the books on for a profit. Take some time out of your day to do a little marketing and publish new books and leave the rest to Amazon users. KDL Sniper also comes with a complete money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with the results you can contact Martin and receive a full refund. will help you get started with Kindle Direct Publishing even if you don’t have any ideas for a story.

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