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Jumpstart Liberty is about taking what should be the destruction of America and turning it into the rebirth of a once-great nation, written by Ken White.

Jumpstart Liberty Review

When Americans look around some of them see the greatest country in the world, while others feel they are looking at a looming disaster. The signs are there for the people who are willing to see them; people like Ken White. Ken, like many, believes that America could face the wrath of an EMP attack that could throw the whole country into chaos. Ken wants to protect as many of his countrymen as he can and help those he can’t protect to help themselves instead. That’s why he put together Jumpstart Liberty.

There was a time when preppers were regarded as being conspiracy nuts who just upset people. Nowadays prepping almost seems to be the “in” thing to do. Many are doing it “just in case” but unfortunately many of them are misinformed about how to stockpile food, water and medicine. They are also left with no clue on how to replenish their supplies. You can have enough water for six months but what do you do in six months if the crisis hasn’t been solved? You’re royally screwed.

Jumpstart Liberty is about how to take this potential disaster and turn it on its head. It’s about taking what should be the destruction of America and turning it into the rebirth of a once-great nation. Ken believes that an EMP attack could actually lead to the creation of a new, better America but only if everyone comes together.

The program has all the answers you need to survive in just about any crisis situation. The main focus is EMP attacks of course but what you learn can be applied to any disaster. You’ll learn how to keep food without having to use a fridge and how to safely store heat-sensitive medicine. You’ll also learn where you can find enough water to keep your family alive no matter where you live. There are many natural sources of water you wouldn’t even think exist. You’ll also learn how to shield your electronics from an EMP attack without the need to build an expensive and clunky faraday cage. That way you have electronics when worst comes to worst.

You’ll also learn which medicines you need to stockpile and how to stockpile them to ensure they stay safe. You’ll need to be able to protect yourself and Jumpstart Liberty has the tools to do just that as you’ll learn the guns and ammo that you need as well as how to store and use them safely and wisely. You’ll even learn how you can turn the situation to your advantage by bartering for profit instead of bartering just to make it through the day, as well as how to become a natural leader that people look up to. In a crisis situation your family and everyone around you will be relying on you. You need to have the right mindset to ensure that everyone comes together. You’ll learn all of that, and so much more.

Jumpstart Liberty teaches you everything you need to know to survive an EMP attack or any other disaster and come out of it as safe and sound as possible.

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